all in the details: classic beaded bracelet

{Editor’s Note: Top five things I never thought I’d say, but I really want that quilted vest. Like, bad. And those fox earrings. Nice picks, Kate!}

Kate M.W. ~ One of two things ends up happening when I’m thinking about accessories: either I’m naturally inspired by a piece or it falls neatly into one of the various categories that perfectly rounds out my collection, thereby making it a necessity. One of those basic necessities (…yes, I’ve used the correct term) is an understated multicoloured bracelet. A little casual, a little dressy, a little rustic, and a dash of polish. Because it goes with nearly everything, it makes the perfect addition for outfits ranging from work to play and everything in between. An ideal candidate for the job? The Market Bracelet from Jenny Bird. Deep blues, rustic reds, and basic black off-set by gold – this is the grown-up version of that beaded bracelet you inevitably both made and sported as a kid.

Market Bracelet, Jenny Bird, $58

Now let’s build on that “do just about anything” concept and head straight for an outfit to match. Comfortable polish that’s easy to wear comes in the form of skinny black pants (the ultimate foundation), and layers up top. The outfit needs to be flexible and easy to adapt, so build in basics: a long-sleeved white tee, a chambray shirt, and quilted vest. While I’ve picked neutrals for each piece, you’re welcome to work in colours where you feel so inclined.

Essential Long-Sleeve T, Gap, $17 / Denim Shirt, Pendleton, $80 / Excursion Quilted Herringbone Vest, J.Crew, $138 /
Riding Pants, Eileen Fisher, $168

Despite the fact that I’m an advocate for details, sometimes piling on accessories just isn’t in the cards. An easy outfit requires just a couple of additions, especially when centring around such dynamic bracelet. In this case streamlining takes the form of a layered bracelet that picks up on a coordinating accent colour. Fox head earrings add a much needed dash of quirky whimsy, and simultaneously stand up to lots of layers up top. For the boots and bag think in expertly and deliberately mixed neutrals with bold red-undertone toffees or chocolate browns. A decent size and substantial handles equates to a hard-wearing basic bag, and with riding boots playing on the polished rustic feel of this week’s inspiration, you’re about ready to tackle anything.

Fox Head Drop Earrings, Tory Burch, $53 / Lantern Bracelet, Jenny Bird, $24 / Millie Shoulder Bag, Modalu, $315 /
Melissa Logo Boots, Frye, $388

Details are an easy way to define your style, or alternatively let your style define the details. Focus on what works best in your wardrobe, and then have fun filling in the perfect multi-purpose pieces.

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