get gifting: in style

For some reason, this guide is always the hardest one for me…possibly because part of me thinks this whole blog is one giant style gift guide (isn’t it?). But still, I know we all have that trend-obsessed slave to fashion on our list who feels impossible to please. Take my word for it: your work’s officially done. Any one of these gifts is 100% SMC-guaranteed to put a geeky holiday grin on even the pickiest fashionista’s face.

1. Elsa Peretti ruthenium bone cuff, Tiffany & Co., $495 / 2. Mezzmer sunnies (unavailable; similar styles here), $99 / 3. Echo Touch pleats gloves, $38 / 4. Ocelot-print calf hair bag, Coach, $398 / 5. Parisian Chic weekly calendar, $18 / 6. Sylvia Piping boots, Frye, $328 / 7. Rose Badala hoops, KiraKira, $98 (20% of proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation) / 8. Gold arrow bracelet, $29 / 9. Baggu gold pouch, $20; keychain, $16 / 10. “Street of Dreams” belt, Sundance Catalog, $98 / 11. Boostcase wallet leather iPhone case, $40 / 12. Heart Intarsia Sweater, DKNY, $99 / 13. The Golden Hat: Talking Back to Autism, by Kate Winslet (Simon & Schuster), $20 (author proceeds to autism foundation) / 14. Katharine Hepburn: Rebel Chic, by Jean Druesedow (Rizzoli), $26
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