get gifting: for the kids

Jennefer T. ~ While on Christmas morning, I’m certainly looking forward to unwrapping the new Frye boots I have hinted about non-stop, there is nothing quite like seeing a child open the perfect gift. Their eyes widen, their heart races and all the wonder of the holidays is suddenly there in the room. On the flip side, nothing is worse than giving a kid a gift that fails to deliver this reaction (lesson learned: socks always result in a limp shrug and a sigh from just about any six-year-old). Luckily, this kid’s gift guide virtually guarantees to deliver all of the squeals, smiles and holiday delight you’re hoping to see on that wee one’s face.

1. Crayola Nail Polish Set, $12 / 2. Sushi Slicing Play Set, $20 / 3. Stonz Penguin Boots, $44 / 4. Mickey Mouse Hooded Towel, $68 / 5. Discovery Space Ship and Lift Off Rocket, $120 (more fantastic options here) / 6. Death Star Planetarium, $30 / 7. Sevi Play Puzzle Farm, $36 / 8. Girl’s Tulle Skirt, $45 / 9. Kid Made Modern Board Book Kit, $15
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