the how-to: my never-fail, super-secret holiday shopping tips

Well. Have you had your fill of gift guides yet? Have I officially stuffed your stocking with oodles of holiday ideas? If you’re still stumped, don’t worry: I’ll have more ideas as the Big Day draws near. And if you just can’t wait, send me an email. I do love a good challenge, and I’m more than happy to handle the whole thing for you.

To wrap up (yep, had to do it) this little annual tradition of ours, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite gifting tips for those of you who are still on the hunt for that perfect fit. And so…drumroll please…allow me to present Becki’s Top Five Never-Fail, Super-Secret Holiday Shopping Tips! (I’ll admit, the name needs some work):

  1. Buy in bulk. Truly, don’t all of your friends all like more or less the same things? Specifically, the things you like? So stop sweating it. Pick out earrings you know are sure to please, buy a pair in every color and give to everyone on your list. Pick up 8 copies of the best book you’ve read this year. Or texting gloves…maybe not super exciting, but trust me, we all want a pair.
  2. For the impossible-to-please on your list, ditch the store and DIY. Even the most complainer-y of Grinches can’t say much if you make them a batch of homemade chocolate-dipped biscotti (spoiler: a monkey could make these cookies) or knit them a scarf (even if they don’t wear scarves). Trust me…works every time.
  3. Souvenir shops are untapped gifting gold mines. If you have any holiday travel planned, save your holiday shopping for the trip, and pick up a gift for everyone on your list. Go hipster with a bag of local coffee beans, or corny with a snow globe or Christmas ornament. And if you’re staying home, still consider local gifts for the out-of-towners on your list. Trust me, I’d be pleased as punch with a gift that screams San Francisco (or Nashville).
  4. “Experience gifts” cannot be overrated. Head to an indy music store in town and pick up concert tickets to some unheard-of band. Get your spa-loving friend a gift card for a 30-minute facial (a great way to get a luxe gift on the cheap). Get your parents a membership to their favorite museum or garden. And any guy will be thrilled with tickets to a sporting event – especially if you tell them they’re welcome to take a friend and leave you home (ahem).
  5. When all else fails, it’s cliché for a reason: it really is the thought that counts. Can you imagine receiving a better gift than a heartfelt card or letter that told you how much you meant to someone you love, and how much they appreciated having you in their life? I can’t. Buy some beautiful letterpress cards and get writing. You’ll make someone’s entire holiday season.

Any tips you swear by that I’ve missed?

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One thought on “the how-to: my never-fail, super-secret holiday shopping tips

  1. Vanessa

    Oo Becki, I loved your gift guides this year but this might be my favorite post of all of them 😉

    When I’m trying to decide on a gift, I ask 2 questions: “What does this person complain about?” and “Is there any way for a gift to eliminate/change that complaint?” So, for example, “Would an Audible membership make my brother’s commute more tolerable?” or “Would this programmable universal remote be easier for my parents to keep track of than the 4 separate remotes they have now?” It doesn’t always result in the sexiest or most colorful gift, but when you can find an item that solves a problem it’s really satisfying for both people.

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