holiday hodgepodge

This is the post in which I try to remember every fabulous last-minute holiday gift that’s crossed my path since I finished our gift guides. Let’s see how it goes.

First of all, you should know I’ve been pinning gifts madly over on Pinterest (check out my Giftable, Dear Santa and Tinsel Time boards). So, you know, in case all of those gift guides weren’t enough, you have even more options! Plus, really, just about everyone is still shipping for the holidays, so don’t fret.

Christmas is what, 6 days away? And I still don’t have a Christmas tree up. In fact, the only sign it’s a holiday at my house is a wax-covered menorah and my favorite Nutcracker, who comes out every holiday. I’m a little blue about it, but I think these sweet light houses from Urbania would do wonders to perk up my holiday decor. They remind me of those Dickensian villages my grandmother collected (did yours?), but a much more chic, updated version. I spotted them a month ago, and should have pounced, but luckily, express shipping is an option if you love them too.

Boy gifts…you’re still stumped by at least one on your list, I know. But possibly the coolest option ever arrived at my house this week, and I had to share. Batmobile: The Complete History (Insight Editions). Now really, name me one guy who isn’t secretly dying to see the inner workings of every Batmobile ever made. It’s pretty cool, even to this girly girl, and would make an amazing guy’s gift. Especially if paired with a blu-ray of The Dark Knight Rises, which just came out.


Speaking of holiday gifts, my own list is piled embarrassingly high this year. There are so, so many things I’d love to find under the tree (hello, Reed Krakoff Boxer tote). But tops on my list? Erica Weiner’s Bow ring, which reminds me of something my grandmother would have given me. A sweet and simple lace tee from Soft Joie. Another pair of those amazing MiH Marrakesh trousers I can’t stop wearing. And this Kate Spade library mug that is sold out everywhere on the planet. Sigh…why do I wait so long to buy these things?

But what I really want to know is this: What’s on your holiday wish list? I get loads of requests from readers’ husbands this time of year, so hey…think of me as your (very stylish) personal Santa. You never know what might find its way onto his sleigh!

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  1. A

    Those dang Ugg calfhair slippers! Grace Coddington’s memoir. Hunter wellies in a bright color. Alexis Bittar earrings. Good eye cream (well, probably don’t want the husband to buy this one for me…). An electric blanket. Or an electric kettle + old school hot water bottle.

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