worthy splurge: oscar de la renta at the outnet

Oscar de la Renta for The Outnet, $995

In the event I’m ever invited to a glamorous, black-tie affair – one at which I can wear the most delicious, glowy, gossamer confection of a gown I can find – there’s only one man I’ll trust: Oscar de la Renta. Watch any of his shows, and you’ll catch the magic. Or better yet, take a look at the faces of any of his celebs on the red carpet. They’re positively glowing, triumphant in the knowledge that if nothing else, they’ve nailed the gown.

Alas, most of Oscar’s gowns are hilariously, impossibly beyond both my budget and my lifestyle. But lo! As is much too often the case, The Outnet has come to my rescue, concocting an exclusive collaboration with the man himself. It’s a bit more youthful, and a lot more cost-approachable than his standard ultra-luxe fare. The result is a mini-collection of pieces so wearable, so beautiful, and so perfectly¬†Oscar, it’s hard to imagine they top out at $995. Still a splurge, I’ll grant you. But it’s one that’s actually possible (mortgage one of the kids, sell a bit of plasma, and you’re there).

Take those lovely tweed jackets. Whether you went with the edgier short sleeve or the traditional bracelet sleeve, they’d be absolute wardrobe workhorses, and they couldn’t be more classic Oscar. I love the shorter version paired with a girly tie-neck silk blouse, but then finished off with those little ikat shorts. Finish with a classic nude pump for dress or an unexpected loafer to keep it casual, and you’re done. That beautiful silk rose skirt is just begging for tweed too…but add a striped or a sheer white tee, something casual to offset the “ladies who lunch” vibe. I might even go with a metallic pointed-toe flat with that look, to keep it cool.

But really, we’re all here for the dresses, right? I’m a big advocate of having one dress in your closet that’s cocktail ready and makes you genuinely excited to get dressed. There’s nothing worse than dreading a party, and realizing you have nothing to wear on top of that. Snap up one of these fabulous frocks, and you’ll be drumming your fingers on your desk, waiting for evening invites to roll in.

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