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Working from home can be a solitary life, friends. Sure, I chat with you all day on Twitter, share snaps of my splurges (and my cutie dog) on Instagram and generally try to make it out for my daily cappuccino, but it gets a little quiet around Casa SMC from time to time. Plus, hey, sometimes a girl just needs to bust a little Britney Spears to get through a pile of laundry, am I right?

Alas, the highly-complicated tech setup The Hubs has installed makes it a 10-step process to tune in to my tunes (despite him repeatedly telling me how “easy” it is). So, I went in search of an option. I wanted small, easy, wireless, and – obviously – chic.

Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, $99

Ta-da! Those tech-savvy experts at Logitech sprang to the rescue and sent over their new UE Mobile Boombox. Isn’t it cute? And so tiny! It comes in all sorts of bright colors, but I’m boring classic, and this matched my desk. In all honesty, it took me longer to open the very cool lucite box it came in than it did to set the thing up (no, seriously). It’ll play anything I want from my iPhone, including Pandora and Spotify. And though I’ve yet to test this out, I’m told I can connect multiple phones, so if The Hubs wants to blast his vintage Rush albums, he can get his groove on (preferably when I’m not around).

Oh, and! If the phone rings while it’s playing tunes, it morphs into a speaker phone (with quite good sound quality, I might add). No more frantic fumbling to turn off the music, change the input and answer the phone before it goes to voicemail. Kind of genius, really…unless you’re all breathless from a Flo Rida dance marathon when a business call comes in. (Not that this ever happened to me. No.)

At $99, it’s a vastly better deal than others I checked out. Because really, if I’m going to splurge, it’s going to be on those Chanel flats I’ve been eyeing all season. Nab one, and get your groove on!

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