friday finds: spring fling

I have a bit of a love/hate with Friday Finds, which is why you haven’t seen it lately. I always want it to be packed to the gills with impossibly perfect picks, but that’s a tall order, isn’t it? But this week, so many covetable chestnuts crossed my path, I couldn’t resist the gravitational pull to show each and every one to you right.this.minute.

First up, new Downton Abbey hunks? Just when you thought Lady Mary might have to spend a few days in her version of hell…aka, Edith’s life. Phew! That’s a load off my mind.

I’ve finally realized, after years of torment, that heels and I just don’t get along. Every pair I have sits in a box on my top shelf, taunting me. So, I know in my bones that these Pilcro heels from Anthropologie are a bad idea, even though I gasp audibly every time I look at them. But I’m still glad they’re sold out in my size.

I don’t even have an iPad, but this Tory Burch perforated sleeve is making me consider getting one. I may also need to upgrade to an iPhone 5 just for this case. Totally reasonable, right?

Oh, speaking of jewelry, I spied these fun little bubblegum goodies over at Dallas Shaw’s place, clicked over, and couldn’t believe my eyes. How is it possible that all of these delights at Le Mode are under $40? I’m choosing not to think about that, and instead focusing on what a fantastic job they’ll do of brightening up my incredibly dull summer wardrobe.

Because I like to start early, I’m already considering my summer sandal purchases. I’ve had a pair of these Ancient Greek sandals on my wish list for long enough that I’m seriously considering taking the plunge. Anyone have a pair? They’re a little bit splurgy (starting around €120), but aren’t they gorgeous? But would I go neutral or flashy metallic? Decisions, decisions.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, friends. I have piles of work on tap, but am determined to have some fun as well. Check in with me on Instagram to see if I manage to make good on that plan!

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