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Happy Friday, friends! I’m feeling kind of thoughtfully, intentionally slow this spring morning, so I hope you’ll forgive a little brain wandering in today’s FF.

First things first: let’s talk deals. I happen to know that Kate SpadeVince and Cole Haan are all having their Friends & Family promos this weekend, and they’re doozies. I have all the details up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds…so much easier to keep you updated on all the best steals in real time.

Having nothing to do with anything, I think I’m very near to taking the plunge on a Vitamix. All of the fresh fruit & veg that pop up this time of year are calling to me with their juicy potential. Also, they just seem so darn cool. If I do it, I think a full review is in order, don’t you?

I think I’ve finally succumbed to a full-on girl crush on our practically perfect First Lady, though it has almost nothing to do with her style. I just finished the touching, forthcoming and incredibly authentic Jonathan Van Meter interview with Mrs. Obama in this month’s Vogue (truly…do not miss it), and then read her latest bit of wisdom on gun violence. I think it’s love.

On the retail side of things, I spotted this Rag & Bone Lory jacket online a while back (you might have seen it in Shop SMC), but tried it on yesterday, and it’s pretty much perfect. Looks like structured tweed, feels like a comfy cardi (ahem, “looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker”?), and I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it nonstop. But let me ask this: when faced with such perfection, do you splurge at full price or gamble on sale? I’m torn.

Remember journals? That tactile, cathartic feeling of actually writing something down – in ink – is such a lost art. And to tell the truth, I kind of miss it. This new five-year memory book from Mr. Boddington has a multitude of charms, but what I love best is that you have only enough room for a sentence or two – just one good memory to keep from your day. As the years pass, you’ll get to look back on your previous memories from the same date, which might make this a habit worth making.

And if you’re wondering what I get up to when I’m not here with you, here’s a little taste of my Instagrammin’ from the week. I won’t lie, there might be too many pictures of my dog. But there are plenty of retail goodies (like that Target dress I won’t shut up about), and proof that I can actually cook. It’s hands-down my new favorite social media goodness, so you’ll find me there a lot. I’d love to have you join me!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. Sit on a porch, drink a cup of tea, and look up from your smartphone. That’s what I’ll be doing.



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