the how-to: stacking rings in the real world

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Stacking rings has become this season’s answer to the “arm party” phenom we all couldn’t get enough of last year. And just like with those armfuls of bracelets, a pile of rings on every finger might look good on Instagram, but for those of us with jobs to do, emails to type and dogs/kids to wrangle, wearing 32 rings on each hand can be a bit much.

Personally, I’m all about taking inspiration from the extremes and paring it down for real life. So, I teamed up with the lovelies at Workhorse Jewelry to show off a real-world take on the trend. 

To get the look, you’ll need at least 3 rings, no more than one of which should be a big, statement-sized bauble. I opted to go with 4, all of which are of the more delicate variety. I happen to love this look best when the shank (the “ring” part of the ring) is very narrow – I think it creates a lighter and more cohesive stack, the rings “nest” together more seamlessly, and it’s more comfortable to wear.

I may be biased (or just obsessed), but I think the Shania arrow stacking rings from Workhorse are the perfect starting point. By picking a ring with both gold and silver, you open up the option of mixing metals. And that sprinkling of pavé diamonds is that perfect little “something” you need to make your stack special.

(How much do you love their packaging? I mean, I was giddy before I even opened the box!)

I like to wear a stack on my ring finger – I’m old-school like that. But an index-finger stack would probably be more on-trend, if you want to mix it up. I started with a simple, sliver-thin hammered silver band from Favor Jewelry, to add a bit of dimension without detracting from the statement-makers. Add an infinity-style band to give the stack width and texture – I’ve gone with a Carla Caruso polka dot ring, but gems would have been great here as well. Then, stack on your statement-maker:

Easy as pie! I could have easily changed this up with a gemstone infinity band instead of the polka dots, and of course, any slim band (or a trio of them!) would have worked every bit as well. Rose gold would have been a fun addition too. Sky’s the limit, people. In fact, I’m betting if you rummage around in your jewelry box tonight after work, you’ll find a goodie or two just waiting to help you try out the trend.

Have you been stacking yet this season?

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