make over my house: my experience

Friends, remember that colossal house redesign I showed you all a few months back? While we were working on the plan, our designer implored us – begged, even – to get a new sofa. She wanted a bit of warmth and color, she thought the scale was wrong, yada yada yada. But I nixed it for budgetary reasons. Real world design realities, y’all.

So, when I got an email from inviting me to try out their utterly gorgeous sofas, and have their help in custom designing one for my living room? You can imagine how quickly I hit “reply”. Based in London, just opened a new showroom in NYC and now delivers across the US. They make the most gorgeous, custom sofas in all sorts of comfy, modern shapes, with a “Hey, buying a sofa should be fun!” attitude I couldn’t resist.

To get started, I spent roughly a million hours on their website, perusing all of the designs, fabrics, and trying out every possible combination. Then, I ordered my “comfy pack” (okay, there may have been three comfy packs) – the most adorable collection of swatches ever to arrive at my door., via Shopping's My Cardio

Tale of Two Settees? Get it? I am, unfortunately, putty in the hands of anyone who puns that freely.  This is serious grown-up furniture, but I love that even with all that quality and detail, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I got swatches galore, plus postcards with images, dimensions and specs on every style I was considering., via Shopping's My Cardio

But even with all this, because I am hopelessly picky (and indecisive), I had to hop on the phone. Luckily, the team actually wants to talk to you! My new sofa BFF, Katie, fielded endless (and I do mean endless) questions from me about leg heights, seat depths, fabric options, the benefits of a chaise style versus a traditional couch. And she braved it all with a cheery smile – sending me photos from the showroom, following up to make sure I was getting the info I needed, and offering guidance on just about everything (I did stop short of asking for her favorite makeup tricks).

In the end, I narrowed it down to three fabric choices and three styles., via Shopping's My Cardio

The Saturday, a classic, low-slung option built for weekend naps. The Descartes, an updated take on a traditional Chesterfield. And the Bluebell, with its overstuffed English charm. For fabric, I knew it was between that amazing charcoal tweed (so very Chanel!), a mod heather grey flannel and that classic cognac leather. Hard to go wrong, really.

So, any guesses on what I ended up with? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll show you the finished beauty next week!

Big, huge thanks to my friends and sponsors at for making this fantastic experience possible!

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9 comments on “make over my house: my experience

  1. Vanessa

    The illustrations and font on the comfy packs remind me of Shel Silverstein books, which is always a good association 🙂 I think the Bluebell in tweed would be unbelievably comfy.

  2. kiki

    The Saturday. And I’m torn if you went with the tweed or the leather?? If I had to pick, I’d say leather. Any one though is going to be amazing. All GREAT options. Can’t wait to see what you picked!!!

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  4. Cheryl

    Hi there
    Love your sofa and would like to know if the cognac leather is a house fabric from or a designer fabric. I am from London and only see darker leathers in their showroom. Is yours a devon leather?

    Thanks in advance,

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