beauty buzz: the best nail polish shades for summer

Friends, it’s that time of year – the time when fingers and toes are on full display, and it becomes painfully clear that my pedicure budget needs to be increased for the summer season (Hubs, are you listening?). This summer (as ever), I’ve noticed a few color favorites rising to the top of my list, and since I’m nothing if not an exhaustive researcher, I’ve tried out more formulas and shades than you can shake a bottle of polish at.

For toes, I’m having a bit of a moment with coral. During the fall and winter, it’s all Chanel Vamp and its venerable brethren, but when that summer sun creeps out, I start to crave a bright, cheery shade that makes me smile whenever I glance down. More than any other hue, coral just looks like summer – like you’re just back from an extended vacation on some exotic tropical isle, and you should still have sand on your toes. Since those of us of the paler persuasion can’t normally pull off orange anywhere near our face, a coral pedi is the perfect option.

(It also doesn’t hurt that coral on your toes makes your skin look more tan. Not that I’d be motivated by something so shallow.)

My favorite corals this season? I’m so glad you asked.

Best Summery Coral nail colors, via shopping's my cardio

Beachy Keen, Sonia Kashuk / Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Deborah Lippmann / Cajun Shrimp, OPI

(The photo of that Sonia Kashuk color isn’t the best, I know. But trust me, it’s the prettiest papaya/melon shade in person. Divine.)

As always, I remain a chronic color-phobe for my fingers, but I’m ready to break out of my Ballerina routine. Creamy, opaque buff shades are where it’s at for me this summer – it feels like a modern, fresh take on the classic French tip. After some exhaustive testing (all buffs are not created equal, friends), I have a few favorites.

Best Neutral Nail Colors, via shopping's my cardio

Naked, Deborah Lippmann / My Vampire is Buff, OPI / Debra, Julep

(In truth, that first one, Naked, is so sheer I can’t really call it a buff. But it’s such an extraordinarily perfect neutral, I’m including it anyway. It’s utterly error-proof, too – you can apply it after two glasses of wine while balancing a cell phone on your ear, and it will still look great. Trust me.)

Do your mani/pedi habits change in summer? What are your go-to shades this time of year?

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7 comments on “beauty buzz: the best nail polish shades for summer

  1. Kristina

    Since it’s been warm enough for sandals I’ve had coral on my toes and turquoise on my tips (or vice versa).

  2. jill

    LOVING the coral shades! AND your new blog design. i need to stop by more often. i hope youre doing well!! xoxo jillian::

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Roxana & Milena: Ooh, mint’s a great idea too! Just might have to try that out on my toes this weekend.

    Jill: great to “see” you! Thanks for the kind words 🙂 xox

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