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Happy Friday, friends! Summer Fridays are the very best ones, aren’t they? This week’s picks are just exactly what you want on a weekend in June – bright, cheery…and, best of all, easy.

I do love a good espadrille in summer. Because really, we all have those “I need a pedicure” days. These from Soludos have a lovely feminine cut, and I’m digging that ethnic-ish print (though the polka dots are also a good option). Plus, they’re an extra 20% off this weekend with code YESPLEASE.

Soludos espadrilles, via shopping's my cardio

These flower-print necklaces from Erica Weiner feel like such a fresh, “new idea” (though truthfully, they’re ‘vintage’ from the 1990s, so…). Layer one in amidst your usual routine of pendant necklaces, and you’ll have the perfect summer vibe.

Erica Weiner floral necklaces, via shopping's my cardio

Speaking of summer goodness, did you ever see anything so summery as the goods from Gypsya? Indian-inspired pillows and throws, shockingly-afforable bedding, and the most gorgeous selection of hammered metal jewelry that looks like you picked it up wandering through the souks of Morocco. Your friends will be so jealous.

Gypsya picks, via shopping's my cardio

All I want in the summertime is something I can throw on that makes me look slightly more pulled-together than a completely schlubby tee and jeans, but with no additional effort. So, I’m always on the lookout for tees like this Zara version – bright, cheery and linen, so it has a nice drape. Pair with white jeans, or maybe even a striped skirt if you’re feeling brave.

Zara tee, via shopping's my cardio

And speaking of no effort required, these enamel earrings from Janna Conner are the easiest way I can think of to take an outfit you’d wear in the fall and make it summer-ready. Ordinarily, I’d say I’m a little too old for colors this bright, but these just sort of nod to neon, and they’re small-ish enough that you won’t feel you’ve been dragged into teen territory, as so many summer styles tend to do.

 Janna Conner enamel earrings, via shopping's my cardio

That’s it, friends! I hope some of these pretties brought a bit of color and cheer to your summer Friday. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week!

(Oh, and PS – thanks for all of the lovely comments this week! You’ve put a smile on my face.)

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4 comments on “friday finds

  1. Roxanna @ Wholesome Hedonist

    Glad to know you liked the comments 🙂 2 things: first, I am running out to buy that Zara shirt RIGHT NOW. Second – I meant to say, I loved the post you did about hospital wear. It seems odd but it was actually extremely useful for those of us who do occasionally need to do those stays. I’d love to see a series like this: e.g. what to wear when you have are jumping on a flight directly from work, what to wear to a dressy event that’s outside, etc etc. They sound functional, but I know you’d make them creative 🙂

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Roxanna – get me one while you’re at it! And I’m so glad you liked the hospital wear post. I love the idea of doing more along those lines…I’ll put it in the cooker and see what comes out! xox, B

  3. Lisa R

    I sure love the flower print necklaces and know just what to pair them with for a very new look, even if they are 1990’s looking. Yum!

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