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Well, I had other things planned for today, but friends, I’m too darn giddy about all of the amazing things that are happening in the world today. Honestly, there aren’t that many days in life that you’re bursting with pride in your government, but today’s one of them, and I’m going to bask in it for a few moments.

And…well, okay, there are a couple of exciting shopping points worth making.Nordstrom Anniversary Sale first look, via shopping's my cardio

First, if you’re on pins and needles about this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (as I am), you’ll probably love this sneak peek at their photo shoot for the sale. You’ll catch glimpses of all kinds of awesomeness – I spy Rag & Bone boots, Rebecca Minkoff handbags and more tweed jackets than even I could ever wear. Good things! Of course, I’ll have my usual rundown of what you should buy from the sale before presale begins on July 10th. Start your engines!

Shopbop sale picks, via shopping's my cardio

Also, I just got a fantastic little note that Shopbop is offering 25% off their sale section until tomorrow with code EXTRA25. I’ll be taking an extra look through my favorites (some of which are above) to see what I can’t live without, but that starfish print tunic from Tibi is looking mighty tempting.

That’s it! Back to your regularly-scheduled celebrations 🙂

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2 comments on “reasons to celebrate

  1. DL

    i am waiting on pins and needles for the nordstrom anniversary sale – my catalog hasn’t arrived yet! i actually called and asked when it would arrive. customer service replied “Um…they should be on their way.” haha, i’m so impatient – thanks for posting this! 🙂

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