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KiraGrace yoga pants, via shopping's my cardio

When KiraGrace asked if I’d like to test out their yoga pants for a story, I have to admit: I half expected to phone this one in. I mean, I have a few pairs, but I’m not what you’d call a collector. They’re all basically the same, right? Some more comfortable than others, sure, maybe a bit of a fabric difference, but at the end of the day…they’re yoga pants. And really, how excited can a person get about yoga pants?

All this to tell you that it shocks no one more than me to say I am excited about these yoga pants. I want to evangelize about them. I want to preach, to sing from the rafters, to tell everyone what they’ve been missing, and buy a pair for every woman I know. These yoga pants are, quite possibly, my new favorite thing.

What’s all the fuss about? Well, they’re super stretchy, for one thing, so they really move with your body in all directions. Also, they’re not as constricting as most yoga pants – they’re still keeping things contained, but they don’t feel quite as Spanx-y about it as my other yoga pants do. They have a nice long rise, which means you aren’t hitching them up all the time, you don’t have a muffin top, and there’s no….well, friends, camel-toe is no laughing matter. And if all that weren’t incentive enough? They make my butt look amazing. It’s pretty impressive, really. Something about the seaming on the back, and the cut…I can’t explain it, but I like it. (Incidentally, all this butt-checking-out action has made me realize my derrière has a “good side”. Does yours?)

I also tried out their tops – specifically the Warrior Stance Tank – and was mightily impressed. Not nearly as sink-into-the-couch comfy as the bottoms, I’ll admit, but that’s because they are all about containment, my friends. There are some impressive built-in compression systems happening in these tanks. It’s really saying something when a girl as well-endowed as I am would consider wearing one of these in lieu of a sports bra to work out, but truly, I did all of my usual jiggle tests, and this baby passed with flying colors. It’s maybe a smidge lower cut than I’d usually go for, but hey…if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em.

So, tell me – are you a brand loyalist when it comes to your yoga gear, or are you up for branching out?

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3 comments on “test case: kiragrace yoga pants

  1. Lisa

    The yoga pants sound heavenly! I’m going to check out their website after your great post! Thank you!

  2. Melissa W.

    Hmmm… I’ve been wondering where I will go when my old Lululemons finally wear out (I was shocked when I discovered how their quality had dropped after I stocked up in 2009) but alas, no XL love for this booty.

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