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Since it’s fall, and we can all use a little shake-up now and then, I thought I’d experiment with a little change to our usual Friday Finds routine…are you up for it? I always have the grandest plans for what I want to do every weekend. Then I end up running errands, cleaning the house and watching bad television. Ah, married life. But the point is that I start with big plans.

Here’s what my fictional weekend looks like so far:

See a flick. If you’re looking for a movie night option, I’d highly recommend checking out Mademoiselle C, the new documentary about Carine Roitfeld. Even the hubs sat through this one with me (though I have a feeling his heart wasn’t in it). But I tell you, give me 90 minutes with Carine, piles of French fashion and a Karl Lagerfeld cameo, and I’m a happy woman. Don’t miss it!

Start plotting for fall. Do you guys care that I all but ignore NYFW? Let me know, but in my book, I’m just starting to get excited about fall. Please, please don’t make me think about next spring already! Instead of just buying whatever cozy grey sweaters cross my path, I’m going to try my darnedest to make a shopping list this season. Job 1? A pair of grey jeans to go with all those grey sweaters give me a break from my standard denim fare. Not too light (unflattering!) and not too dark (or they just look like washed-out black). What’s on your fall list?

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Get your man properly suited. We rarely talk men’s fashion here, but let’s face it – if you have one of them around, odds are you’re at least partially responsible for making sure he doesn’t leave the house in jean shorts and tube socks. If you happen to be in Portland, Indochino, an affordable (I swear!) bespoke men’s tailor, is having a PDX pop-up event for the next couple of weeks, so you can ditch the tube socks and transform him into a proper Bond stand-in. Fair warning: once he sees the beauty of a custom-fit suit, you might just have a diva on your hands. If you’re not in PDX, don’t fret: Indochino does mail-orders too. Christmas is coming, friends.

Hit up a street fair. Sustainable design isn’t usually my cup of tea (cough…dramatic understatement…), but I’m pretty much always up for a street fair.  I’ve heard excellent things about the Urban Air Market in San Francisco, and it’s happening this Sunday in Hayes Valley. Which means I’d also get a treat from Miette and coffee at Ritual. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Oh, and by way of gratuitous self-promotion, I just wanted to say: if you’ve been toying with the idea of buying one of those super-awesome SMC sweatshirts now that fall’s on the way, you can get free shipping on 2+ items with code FALL2013 through 9.17. Just saying.

What’s on tap for your weekend?

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