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Happy Friday, friends! This weekend, I’m helping my future sis-in-law shop for a wedding dress. Ah, memories! But the real killer is how to dress myself…honestly, I’m so sick of this Indian summer, I can hardly stand it. I miss my sweaters!

Here’s what I’ll be up to:

Since I can’t wear any of my new fall goodies yet (could I get some cheese with my whine?), the only alternative is to shop for more of them. I popped into Nordstrom yesterday and picked up a few new shirts (some great new sale pieces on the racks this week, and it’s triple-points time!), but I have my eye firmly planted on a couple of new-to-me online shops as well.

  • French Garment Cleaners is one of those aspirational stores I browse dreamily, imagining a world in which I’m Emmanuelle Alt. Alas, the mirror tells me otherwise, but I’m thinking if I can get myself into a pair of these Rachel Comey loafers or this Sea silk/leather blouse, I’ll be one step closer.
  • Conifer is here in San Francisco, so I’ve had the good fortune to browse in person. Like FGC, there are plenty of pieces I’m not cool enough for. But there are also more than a few I’d be very, very happy to take home. This Micaela Greg tunic, for example, or this Lauren Manoogian chunky coat, which I positively cannot stop thinking about. The beauty of Conifer is that it’s packed with new designers I’ve never heard of…always the sign of a great buyer! I’m guessing you’ll find a few new loves too.

I’ll also be listening to Melanie Pain’s upcoming album on repeat, and not just because I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek. It’ll be out on 9/30, and trust me, you’ll want it immediately. Check out an advance track right here, and you’ll see what I mean – virtually impossible not to bop along in your chair.

And I’ll probably be spending a fair amount of time debating whether I actually need yet another Of A Kind release or not, but this Point Line Necklace by Myers Collective is so very versatile, and so seductively priced, I’m not sure I’ll be able to resist.

What are your weekend plans? And more importantly – how are you coping with this endless summer? Anyone else jonesing for a little autumn chill in the air?

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