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London shopping list, via shopping's my cardio

Friends, I have to tell you…I have a whole list of posts in my head to write, but not one of them is making a bit of sense to me today. Why? Because I’M GOING TO LONDON THIS WEEK!!

Excited much? I know it’s obnoxious of me, but honestly, there are third graders who weren’t alive the last time I left the country, and I am as giddy as a kid on her way to Disneyland. Instead of doing all of the work I should be doing, my head is spinning with everything I have to do to get ready to go (pack! figure out how to look celeb-chic on a 12-hour flight! download iPad apps!), everything I want to do while I’m there (Topshop! Harrods! Tea at the Four Seasons!), and everything I’m planning to buy while I’m there (Brit fashion mags! Strepsils! Cadbury!!!).

All of those exclamation points…friends, this is the mental space I’m in right now. I actually lived in London once upon a time, so I’ve done all of the touristy goods (and then some). In other words, I’m there to shop. (And eat, but that’s another story.)

So, in part because it’s fun, and in part because there’s literally nothing else I can focus on right now, I thought I’d give you a little pre-trip rundown of the London shopping stops on my list, and the goods I’m hoping to have in my suitcase when I board my flight back home.

  • Liberty of London: There is a new teacup in my future. Also, most likely, a scarf (or two).
  • Harrods: As lovely as it is to ogle the luxe goods, I’m in it for the Food Halls. Wrap up some Laduree macarons, a few tins of tea and a bit of Humbug, please.
  • Boots: Remember that show “Supermarket Sweep”? Just so you have a visual reference of what’s likely to happen here. I’m still in withdrawal from some of the goods I used to be addicted to when I lived in London, so I’m stocking up on Strepsils (the best cough drops on the planet), Cadbury Heroes, and piles of UK-only beauty goods (I’m getting ideas here and here). Oh, and as many magazines as I can carry.
  • A few other stops I’m especially excited about: Topshop and Whistles for some fast-fashion staples (the hunt for grey jeans continues), Portobello Road (because it’s awesome, and because I desperately want to be one of those people that collects vintage jewelry), The Shop at Bluebird and Luna & Curious (both of which are new to me). Oh, and Cos, because Garance Doré told me to.

Did I mention I’m only there for 3 days? It’s no wonder I resorted to buying honest-to-god trainers to wear while I’m in town. Shopping is so going to be my cardio, friends.

Any London tips to share with me? I’m all ears!

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6 comments on “travel in style: london shopping list

  1. Kendra

    No tips to share but hope the trip is sensational! Can’t wait to hear about what you pack into those 3 cardio-filled days!

  2. Melissa W.

    You and your damn Strepsils. Got me accused of being drunk when I was just horribly sick. 😛

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