sale on: nordstrom half-yearly is here!

Are you ready, friends? Have you been saving your pennies? The Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is here! Truth be told, I haven’t always sung the praises of the Half-Yearly – it can be a mixed bag, and sometimes it pales in comparison to its big sister. But Nordstrom seems to have listened to my years of whining constructive feedback about improving this sale, because there’s plenty to get excited about this year! Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

(Oh, and of course, shop early if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder – double points through 11/7!)

If you’re not up for my ultra-curated list, I thought this time I’d share one of my favorite sale-shopping strategies. Rather than diving into all 11,000 items that are up for grabs, Nordstrom is fantastic about letting you sort by all kinds of criteria. So I cut my list to brands I know I love, and prices I know are worth it (don’t waste my time with those 25% off discounts!). If you’re curious about the list that I started with, here you go!

Now comes the really fun part…tell me what you’re buying! I do love a good vicarious shopping spree.

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4 comments on “sale on: nordstrom half-yearly is here!

  1. Roxanna @ Wholesome Hedonist

    Becky – if you are looking for a zip moto jacket, consider this one from Club Monaco;'ssale_jacketsouterwear

    Trust me, the photos do it no justice at all. it is of a soft, almost sweater like material so it drapes lovely on us curvy girls. Also, the print is monochromatic and between floral and camo looking, but grown up. Hard to explain, but definitely worth seeing in store. It was a piece I thought would look horrible on me, but was surprisingly flattering – and on sale! (though most of the other jackets they have this season are too boxy.)

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Roxanna: Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll be sure to check it out. Generally, those asymmetrical zippers are bad news for well-endowed ladies like myself, but I’m always up for a try-on.

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