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Where on earth did this week go, friends? Is November scaring the pants off you with its apparent insistence on hurtling toward December at a breakneck pace? Or is that just me? Mental note: must find a way to take a deep breath and have a cocktail before my brain scrambles entirely. Besides drinking myself into a semi-relaxed state, here’s what I’ll be up to this weekend:

Still mooning over these purple Nadia loafers from Coach like a lovesick teenager. I really should just take the plunge already.

Catching up on a few (thousand) blog posts I’ve missed from my friends around the web this week. Specifically, I’m wondering whether the hubs would notice if I snuck one of these amazing knit pillows from My Friend Yarn into the house (via sfgirlbybay), and planning to buy this dress in every color (via Corporette). There aren’t enough easy, flattering dresses in my life…especially not $30 versions.

Thinking about how cool I’d feel if this were on my bathroom counter, holding my makeup brushes.

Marveling over what’s going on with my skin and hair this week. I’m testing Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer (basically a pre-shampoo conditioner) and Oribe’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Brilliance and Shine, and I won’t lie – my hair’s all silky soft, and it did what I wanted it to do yesterday for the first time in years. I’ll keep you posted, but this may call for a change in routine.

And as for skin, I’m not sure if I can credit my new Rodial moisturizer or the painfully expensive Radical serum I’m testing (let’s hope it’s the moisturizer), but I looked in the mirror this morning, pre-shower and pre-makeup, and stopped in my tracks. My smile lines are totally gone on one side, and 90% gone on the other. (Does this mean I have a lopsided smile?) Give me another week to form a full opinion, but for now…damn.

Speaking of skin, Caudalie is kicking off their annual Friends & Family today – you can score 20% off sitewide on one of my all-time favorite beauty lines with code FF2013 now through 11/11. Time to stock up on a year’s supply of Vinoperfect serum!

Oh! And before I forget to tell you, I’m the resident shopping guru at iVillage¬†again this season! I just can’t resist those crazy kids. So, sign up – you’ll get tips to get you through the holidays from me and my coaching cohorts, plus piles of kind of awesome gift ideas I won’t be running here at SMC. Totally worth it, pinky swear. Just plug your email in below (Don’t be scared…you’re not signing up for a lifetime, I promise), and you’re in on the action.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! See you back here next week.

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