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I am so, so excited for this weekend, friends – I have so much holiday goodness planned, it’s entirely possible I’ll have sprouted a Rudolph nose by Sunday night. What’s on tap?

  • First up, the Hubs and I are planning to spend a bit of time soaking up some holiday cheer in Union Square. Lunch and a little Christmas Book ogling at Neiman Marcus, browsing all of those festive window displays (Macy’s has given over their windows to an adorably worthy cause), a visit to Gump’s to check out their always-amazing Christmas décor, and maybe even a bit of ice skating if I play my cards right. Of course, this is all prime Instagramming fodder…especially the part where I go ass over elbows on the skating ring. You’re following me, aren’t you?
  • Also, the DIY gifts continue – this weekend, I’m testing out Relishing It’s recipe for spiced ginger cookies, and making a batch of my Nana’s famous caramels. Here’s hoping a few of them actually make it out the door.
  • If I haven’t completely exhausted my Hubs’ tolerance for all things Christmas-y, I’m hoping to settle in for a viewing of one of my favorite old movies: Holiday Inn. Have you seen it? Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby…it’s pretty wonderful.
  • Lest I fall into a full-blown Christmas coma, I’ll be keeping the carols to a minimum and instead continuing to binge-listen to Caro Emerald’s new album, which is even more wonderful than I’d hoped it would be. If you haven’t heard her first album, save yourself some time and just download them both now – one listen to “Absolutely Me”, and you’ll be hooked.
  • And, in the spirit of keeping expectations in check, this collection of 25 not-so-perfect Pinterest re-creations is both hilarious and excellent for reminding you that your holidays don’t have to be picture-perfect to be awesome. Perspective and a sense of humor – it’s the key to sanity.

What holiday fun do you have planned this weekend, friends? Oh, and while I have you, I’d love to know what holiday movies you’re most excited to watch this season. I’m assuming we’ve all done our annual Love Actually viewing already this month, right? What else is on your agenda?

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6 comments on “weekend forecast

  1. Melissa W.

    Yay, Caro! I always have to have a viewing of White Christmas. Yes, I know Holiday Inn came first but I love that Sisters number.

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