gift guide: last-minute gifts they’ll absolutely love

Has the panic set in yet, friends? I don’t know about you, but for all of those umpteen gift guides I ran way back at the first of the month, Christmas is coming on like a freight train and I’m still behind on a few key gifts. Mostly, it’s the people I never know what to buy for – the people who, if they put anything at all on their wish list, it’s something completely un-special, like socks or an iTunes gift card.

In that spirit (and despite my best-laid plans to be officially *done* with gift guides), I thought I’d share a few surefire last-minute gift ideas, all of which are still shipping for the holidays! (At least for now…god bless you, Amazon Prime.)

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For the guys…

  • Gadgets are such an easy pick for the guys you’re still puzzled by. Hubs tells me this universal remote is “super cool” (high geek praise), and it’s secretly a gift for you too – it has a fancy infrared reader that means you can finally get him to hide all of those components in a covered media stand. Logitech Harmony Ultimate, $275
  • I love the idea of Bluetooth headphones, but have a pretty low tolerance for the over-ear variety (hello, my hair!). These are one of the first in-ear styles I’ve seen that aren’t absurdly expensive, and the sound quality is supposed to be great. JBL Bluetooth headphones, $100
  • My guess is your dad/spouse/brother has an indecipherable tangle of cords and chargers next to his bed. Help him simplify with one of these super-sleek bedside clocks, many of which double as a dual charger. Oh, and it’ll also sing him to sleep via a Bluetooth audio connection to his iPhone. iHome dual-charging alarm clocks, from $50

For the girls…

  • Jewelry is always a winner with any girl I know, and when in doubt, the answer is to go classic. This delicate diamond chain bracelet is absolutely beautiful, stunningly affordable and so much easier to wear while typing than those bangles I’ve been buying. This is one of those rare pieces that will literally work for any woman on your list…starting with me, since it’s been on my wishlist all year. Hi, Santa! Alexis Russell diamond ellipse bracelet, $188 
  • If I’d won the lottery last night (sigh…), the first thing I’d have done is replaced all of those tired tees and Target pajama pants in my drawer with luxe silk PJs. These definitely qualify as a splurge, but if you’re looking for a “wow” on Christmas morning, this is it. You can still get these via express shipping, but if you run out of time, they also have e-gift cards, so she’ll at least have them by the New Year. Figleaves Ava silk pajamas, $233
  • Beauty gifts are a sure win with just about any girl on your list, and they work with any budget. I’m a big fan of this year’s holiday sets from Eve Lom and Sai Sei, but truly, just pick a brand that looks like her style and encourages pampering – masks, bath scrubs, and ultra-moisturizing body creams (just make sure any fragranced products are subtle). If you’re still stumped, absolutely everyone loves KiehlsMalin + Goetz and Fresh.

For just about anyone…

  • Books are such thoughtful (and easy!) last-minute gifts – honestly, one trip to your local bookstore (please, please support those local bookstores if you can!) and you’re done. For the fiction lover, Amy Tan’s Valley of Amazement is just wonderful. For history buffs, Paul Thomas Murphy’s Shooting Victoria has me hooked. For cooks, you can see a few of my favorites here, and the new Kinfolk Table is absolutely gorgeous. But I think my favorite gift book this season is Remodelista – easily the best home design book I’ve seen all year. Filled with modern, creative spaces that feel so much more sophisticated than most other blogs-turned-books. I absolutely love it.
  • If even your bookstore fails you, the answer is simple: sugar. I’m a huge fan of the darling people at Sugardaddy’s, who make absolutely the best brownies I’ve ever had, and package them so gorgeously! (Also, two words: brownie truffles.) If that doesn’t hit your sweet spot, I’ve recently discovered the chocolate dipped Peppermint Cookies & Cream at Edward Marc, and I can tell you, they’re a game-changer (and a steal!).
  • I know charitable giving doesn’t always feel like a real gift, but I swear, Project Night Night is different. For each $20 donation, you’re giving a homeless kid a new blanket, a book and a stuffed animal to make bedtime a little less scary out there on the street. Talk about tangible warm fuzzies. Donate one for each person on your office Christmas list, or from each of your kids. Project Night Night, from $20

And with that, friends, I’m hanging up my Santa hat for the season! Tell me, though: have you found any absolutely perfect gifts you can’t wait to give this Christmas? I always love hearing about the gifts you’re most excited to give…that’s the best part, isn’t it?

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