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Happy Monday, friends! Wow, I’ve missed you. That winter’s nap was a bit longer than I planned, but the truth is, I was feeling mightily shopped out after the holidays, and needed a bit more time to rev my engines.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about “enough”. As I looked under the the tree a few days before Christmas, I actually groaned to myself – why did we need all this stuff! And, the real problem: where were we going to put it all?! I mean, let’s face it – I can’t even find a place to put everything I own now. My hilariously oversized jewelry box is full, my shoe closet runneth over, and I know it’s well past time to thin the handbag herd. Granted, we moved last year and lost a boatload of square footage in the process. But still. If I can’t even store them all, I’m surely not wearing them all.

So, do I keep buying and adding to the massive piles? Do I institute one of those Draconian “one in, one out” rules my hubs advocates? Go on a major spending freeze and stop all purchases? I’m not wild about any of those options – in truth, I’m not a girl who deals well with absolutes (learned after decades of failed dieting). But I do know that I’m ready to be pickier. To spend less time cruising the Net-a-Porter clearance sale (le sigh), and more time in my own closet, remembering to wear the things I’d completely forgotten I owned. (I’m not the only one this happens to, right?)

Over the holidays, I became convinced I never needed to shop for another thing again. Luckily, the commerce fog lifted, and I’m feeling better now. But this year, I’m buying smarter. I’m going to do my best not to just shop for the sake of shopping. I’m going to shop with a goal in mind, or step away from the sale rack. And when I do buy, I’m holding out for the really good stuff. It’s not just if the sweater fits, but if it fits, flatters, is made of a material I love and can’t wait to wear, and fills a hole in my closet. Tall order, no?

So, if these are the rules, what’s still on my winter wishlist? Something in pale pink, both because I’m a sucker for winter pastels, and because it’s a pretty good color on me. A weekend-appropriate winter skirt – something that isn’t made of gauzy cotton or silk, that isn’t a pencil silhouette, and is wearable without tights. Also, a couple of dresses. The holidays made me realize I’m woefully lacking in cocktail attire, and that I have zero casual dresses I can wear in the winter. So, it’s time to do something about that. And I wouldn’t mind a pair of barely-distressed jeans with a straight leg and an oversized black silk tee, but they’ve proven pretty elusive, so I’m biding my time.

None of these, clearly, are things that I’d call urgent. I have a good 11 months until cocktail parties are on my horizon again, and if I’ve gone this long without a pink sweater, I suspect I can make it a few more months. But it’s good to have a list in mind, so that when those shopping itches come along, I know what to look for, instead of just buying whatever pretty thing is hanging before me.

Here’s my question for you, friends: what’s still on your winter wishlist? Where are the holes in your closet? Dish, and I’ll put my super-shopping skillz to the test for you!

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7 comments on “on having enough, and a winter wishlist

  1. Vanessa

    I like this, particularly as I am on a shopping freeze until I have paid off my cc. I’ve found that once I’m out of the habit of shopping, it’s much easier for me to admire things without attachment and to admit that I can find clothing pretty without having to own it.

  2. A

    I am on the lookout for jewelry organizing ideas… mostly because my necklaces are so tangled together in my jewelry box that I have no idea what’s there. I’ve been enjoying reaching into the recesses of my closet to find goodies as well – it feels like wearing something new when you pull out a gem that hasn’t seen the light of day in months and months.

  3. jillian

    ummm i LOVE this post. and i feel absolutely the same way. i caught myself ALMOST buying something 3 times. shorts and tanks no less. note it is only 30 degrees in chicago. how do i know ill want those clothes this summer?!!? i need to stop buying stuff just because it is on sale. i also NEED to make more of a point to do more IN STORE shopping so i stop getting things i ordered online just to return them when they dont fit.

    also agreed- i tend to wear pants (lots of them!) in the winter and i dont have any cute casual dresses appropriate for work but still cute enough to wear to brunch with the girls. and i want a pair of skinny, comfy, slightly distressed jeans that fit great.

    good luck with your 2014 goal, i think it’s a great one! xo

  4. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Vanessa, I’m with you. If I can step out of “the zone” for a few days, I gain enough perspective to realize I don’t have to own every pretty thing I see.

    A, those jewelry storage issues are a bear, and it’s so hard because everyone’s collections vary so wildly. But I’ll have to see if I can cook up some fabulous suggestions for you.

    Jillian, so glad this resonated with you! We should start a support group…or maybe a 12-step program would be more apt 🙂

  5. Roxy from Wholesome Hedonist

    I am SO with you, Becky. Not that I’m a shopoholic (okay, I am a shopoholic!), but I find that when I put rigid limits on things, my first instinct is to go out and do exactly what I’m not supposed to do. So maybe this year I’ll make an anti-shopping list (things I do NOT need more of.) Topping the list: Sweaters – I love sweaters and can always justify having more for some reason (especially cashmere – J Crew’s 50% Boxing Day sale made me go a little crazy), workout/lounge wear (about to start my second maternity leave, I think I OD’d on this stuff), scarves and skirts.

    As for the jewelry solution, since (naturally) I have tons of jewelry too, I found that no single box could hold it all (I have a lot of chunky necklaces that are hard to fit into little compartments.) I went to the dollar store, bought a bunch of little plastic compartments in different sizes, and then played Tetris in one of my drawers till they all fit. This way, I can arrange them the way I like and build another layer on top if I need to. The extremely heavy chunky necklaces go on a tie hanger in my closet.

  6. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Roxy: I think that’s a great way to approach it. No new denim for me (unless I find those distressed jeans I’m after), no matter how good the sale is. And love your jewelry storage idea – great way to customize!

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