get gifting: valentine’s day gifts…for you!

‘Tis the season, friends…love is in the air! All across the country, couples are fretting over how to prove their romantic prowess, and singles are just fretting. Why must Valentine’s Day be such a colossal ball of stress?

Enough, I say! Skip the high-pressure dinner out, and cook at home instead (even better if you team up with another couple or a group of girlfriends to do this). Lower expectations. Buy a box of chocolates (the ones you actually like), and eat every last one. And if you’re going to be downtrodden if flowers don’t arrive at your office on the 14th, by God, send yourself some! After all, does anyone deserve flowers more than you?

With that, a guide to the Valentine’s Day gifts you should be buying yourself this year. Though of course, feel free to forward this on to a significant other if the mood strikes. An ounce of well-placed hints is worth a pound of bad drugstore chocolate.

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  1. I think we should start a tradition: everyone buys herself a new gorgeous lingerie set for Valentine’s Day. Few things put a little va va in your voom quite like a sexy new bra. This lacy set from Eberjey is sultry but still suitable for daytime. Also, I can’t remember the last time my bra and knickers matched, which is a shame. Anouk bra and culotte, Eberjey
  2. Wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without chocolate, now would it? Skip the mixed bonbons at the mall (though I do have a pretty serious addiction to See’s butterscotch squares), and treat yourself to something really excellent. These days, Alma Chocolate is my number one – creative, hand-crafted and worth every last calorie. Salty/Spicy/Sweet Box, Alma Chocolate
  3. There is simply nothing more validating, more “I am woman, hear me roar” than buying yourself fine jewelry. Especially on Valentine’s Day. This sweet little ring is spot-on for this time of year, but it’s so subtle, it’s guaranteed to be a year-round favorite. Also, it stacks like a dream. Remember My Love ring, Christy Natsumi 
  4. Ladies, aren’t we tired of getting flowers from Safeway or FTD? Don’t we deserve better? Can I get an “amen”? Do yourself a favor: right now, sneak over to your loved one’s computer, and Google BloomNation, so it’s saved in his search history. You could also forward him this 15% off code (CUPID15), good until 2.6. Pre-ordering is so sexy. Pure Opulence orchid bouquet, BloomNation
  5. What does the fox say? That you’re a self-confident badass who knows exactly how hot you are. That’s what it says. (It may also say how sexy you think your love is, if you’re in a gifting sort of mood.) Fox keychain, Nicky Kehoe
  6. Delicate and classic…just like your love? However you sell it, I don’t know a woman alive that wouldn’t swoon over these earrings. In other words, I don’t know a significant other alive who shouldn’t be buying these for the woman s/he loves. Tiny Lotus Petal earrings, Christine Mighion 
  7. Stripes and sequins…how could it get better? I love the loose, boyfriend cut (you may even want to size down), and the fact that it’s just different enough from my other stripes to stand out. Wear it under a blazer or over a denim shirt – it’s just the thing for those of you who not-so-secretly love this day. Je T’Aime sweater, Talbots
  8. If romance is what you’re after, it doesn’t get much sweeter than a sextet of Jane Austen volumes. Where’s Mr. Darcy when you need him? Penguin Clothbound Classics – Jane Austen (or here, if you want to make it really easy)
  9.  Hoo boy, have I saved the best for last. Without getting too NSFW, let’s just say it’s high time we all upgraded from that entry-level little gadget we all bought in college. After all, you’re not still shopping at the 5-7-9 and buying your shoes at Payless, are you? Sure, it’s not cheap, but this little lady is the Cartier of sex toys. It’s glam, pretty discreet, and a shape that’s less…threatening…to men than some others, which means it’ll spend more time out of your nightstand drawer. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Alia personal massager, Lelo

What do you say, friends? Are you on board with treating yourself to a little something special this V-Day?

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  1. NSFW

    I upgraded my, ahem, gadget a couple of years ago to one from that brand and let me say from experience: RUN DON’T WALK to wherever you need to go to pick one of those babies up. I’ve convinced a few of my friends to upgrade as well and no one has had any regrets.

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