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I’ve been thinking pink in a big way this season…it’s always a favorite color of mine, and though pink for spring is a little predictable, all that talk about winter pastels put me over the edge. But not just any pink will do – no cotton candy or fuchsia here. I’m after a more subtle shade – a pale, whisper of a pink that you’d find on the inside of a seashell, the one that’s like a nude but infinitely warmer and universally flattering. A little something like this:

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I resisted the call for most of the winter, but now that I’m seeing glimmers of spring, pink seems like the perfect way to usher in the season. It plays so perfectly with the black and charcoal we can’t get enough of this time of year, not to mention camel and gold, and will be equally friendly with cream and pale dove grey when spring finally arrives. The key, as with all things, is moderation. Head-to-toe reads a little Legally Blonde, even in this shade, but a simple pale pink tee with a navy blazer, jeans and rose gold earrings is impossibly chic, and – for me, at least – a welcome change from my usual black and white.

For now, I’m picturing that silk blouse with a camel overcoat (or a tan leather moto) and pale blue jeans, and I have to say: I like what I see. How about you?

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5 comments on “think(ing) pink

  1. Brittany

    I love your examples of this kind of blushy pink. It is usually the shade i go for when i wear pink and I think it would be the pink that a french girl would go for as well.

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