beauty buzz: three things I’m loving right now

Since it’s Monday, and we’re all cursing that extra hour of sleep we lost yesterday, something tells me we could all use a little beautifying this morning. So, I thought I’d share a few of the spring beauty goodies that have recently made it to the front of the towering pile of products otherwise known as my bathroom counter.

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My skin is a perpetual victim of  random little dry spots that appear out of nowhere and are absolutely incurable. I’ve tried doubling up on moisturizer or adding oil, but that usually just results in clogged pores. While I had the Cold From Hell last week (and the week before…ugh), things got even worse, as two weeks of nose-blowing will do. My sweet friend at Kiehls said “Here, honey, try this”, and handed me their new Ultra Facial Cream – Intense Hydration. The previous formula was a bit too heavy for me, but this one is light and cooling and utterly amazing. Those dry spots I can never get rid of? They were gone in 48 hours. No lie. I’m a convert.

I literally have a drawer full of eyeshadows. It’s kind of frightening, actually. So it should tell you something that since this NARSissist palette arrived at my house, that drawer hasn’t even been opened. Every single color in it is flat-out amazing – most are neutral enough for day, but interesting enough to nudge me ever so slightly out of my comfort zone (that dark, shimmery purple makes an amazing liner). And I love the formula – it’s less sheer than Bobbi Brown (my usual go-to), but not as over-the-top saturated as MAC. As Goldilocks would say, it’s just right. It’s also limited edition, so nab it quick.

I’m usually pretty wary of scented lotions…they remind me a little too much of all of that time we were spending in Bath & Body Works 10 years ago. (Don’t deny it.) But I was recently introduced to Sonia Kashuk‘s new body care collection for Target, and am quite smitten with the Yellow Alluriana, a mix of grapefruit, verbena and just the teensiest bit of musk to keep things grown-up. If you’re a citrus girl, you’ll love it. Much more sophisticated than most fragranced formulas (especially at this price), and the body lotion is incredibly thick and rich. But do know that the fragrance is on the heavy side, so a little goes a long way. I’m pretty sure I need to add the body scrub to my arsenal.

Any new beauty finds you’ve tried and loved lately?

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