yay or nay: the bucket bag

Friends, how are you feeling about the bucket bag being back in style? As in, practically impossible to avoid this spring.

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One of the blessings of no longer being in my 20s is that I’ve learned it’s okay to step back from a trend and say “Eh, I’ll pass.” Which, if I’m honest, I find myself doing more and more of late. Plus, I generally have a policy of doing my very best not to resurrect trends I’ve already survived once. If my mom wore it, that’s one thing, but you won’t catch me in any Guess jeans with ankle zippers, white Keds or oversized plaid flannel. No sir.

I’ll grant you that the new versions of the bucket bag – Mansur Gavriel’s being the most “it” of the latest “it bag” itinerations, and therefore sold out everywhere – are considerably more stylish than the Dooney & Bourke model we all wanted* back in the ’90s, but still. Are you willing to dive in again? And more generally, what’s your take on revisiting trends you’ve lived through once before?

* I may not have had the D&B, but I most definitely had this bad boy. 
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2 comments on “yay or nay: the bucket bag

  1. jillian

    o man bloggers LOVE this trend…. but i am going to sit this one out. i screams backpack to me and i have never been a fan. xo

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