currently coveting: midi skirts for spring

First of all, friends, I’m so sorry for being woefully delinquent a bit absent lately. If we’re pals on social media (oh, please say we are…a girl needs a little validation now and then), you’ll probably have gleaned that I have a pretty fantastic trip coming up in a couple of weeks. Paris and Florence! And truth be told, it sort of has my brain in a vice grip. I’m making packing lists (which I’ll be sharing), coordinating guests to hang out here while I’m gone, and trying to make sure I have my must-visit list of stores in order before I leave. So, just hang in there…your patience will be rewarded with loads of pretty pictures and some great travel guides, I promise.

For now, though, can we talk about how excited I am that midi skirts are in style this season? Not that I so much care about what’s “in style” if I love it and it looks good on me, but I very much care about what’s “available for purchase”, and if something’s in style, you can find it just about everywhere.

So, why the midi? Well, if you’re mindful of the hemline, it’s flattering on just about everyone. The key is to make sure it hits exactly at the base of the kneecap. Any longer, and things get dowdy in a hurry. Enlist your tailor, friends…this point is non-negotiable. To illustrate:

midi skirt hem length, how to hem skirt, best hem length

Once you get that hemline right, the midi is perfection. Feminine, nips in at the waist, skims over tummies and thighs, and the length makes your legs look long and lean. Also, shoe options are endless – anything from a summery wedge to a pointed flat to a kitten heel works beautifully. A few of my favorite midis of the moment:

midi skirts for spring, midi skirts, spring skirts, knee length skirts

Left to right, from top: Textured rose midi, Topshop | Pleat midi, Halogen | Fine-pleat skirt, Zara |
Striped skirt, Zara | Pleated print skirt, Zara | Eyelet midi, J.Crew | (bonus picks here and here)

I will say that taller girls have a slight advantage with the midi…it can be tricky on a curvy petite. But even then, if you get the length right (again, your tailor is your friend!), I think you’ll be pleased.

I don’t know about you, friends, but I’m stocking up this spring. What do you think? Will you be trying out the midi this season?

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5 comments on “currently coveting: midi skirts for spring

  1. Vanessa

    Oh my goodness the pleated ones are freaking GORGEOUS! And incredibly well priced! That’s one of my biggest gripes in fashion – I’m willing to pay more for natural fibers but there’s no way I’m paying $$$ for something that’s poly or some other silk substitute. I’ve never tried this style before (well, at 5’2″ maybe I should say I’ve never *intentionally* tried it) but I am sorely tempted by these beauties!

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    Vanessa: The pleats are my favorites too. And I will say this: not all polyesters are created equal. I’ve had designers swear to me that they chose a high-grade poly over silk because they couldn’t get the drape/feel they wanted from the real deal, and thought the poly was actually preferable. So…it’s always worth copping a feel before rushing to judgment 😉

  3. Vanessa

    That’s fair. I suppose also with a skirt the fabric’s breathability is less of an issue.

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