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Friends, sorry I’ve been MIA this week…I’m a bit under the weather. But I’m emerging from my fog because I can’t go another day without telling you about these new Kérastase goodies I’ve been trying. I’ve been trying to hold out until I tested a few other brands to mix things up a bit. But honestly, these deserve their own show – they’re that good.

Now mind you, I’m not a hair “products” person at all. I find most styling products a little ambiguous and intimidating. What, for example, is a “styling cream”? And how does it differ from a “curl cream” or a “tonic”? Plus, there’s nothing I hate more than goopy product hair. Thanks, but I’ll stick to my minimalist routine: shampoo, conditioner and a little pre-blowdry treatment oil.

But I’ve been trying to grow my hair out a bit, and it’s getting a little unruly, so I was ready to try something different. And honestly, I think I’m becoming a product convert…or at least, I’m a Kérastase convert. Every single one of these is just so easy to use, and delivers serious results.

Particularly when it comes to summer, I think we all get a little lazy with our hair – am I right? But what I’m loving about these is that even when it’s 90 degrees here, I can still get my hair looking presentable – cute, even! – with a bare minimum of effort. For example, when I want tousled, beachy waves (the kind that look a little disheveled), I spray a healthy dose of Spray a Porter on damp hair, and let things air dry. It works perfectly, without the crunchy, tangled effect I’ve gotten from “beach sprays” in the past.

When I want to embrace my hair’s natural wave (which can get hilariously frizzy if left unattended), I put a dollop of Mousse Bouffante on damp hair and either air dry and brush out with a wide bristle brush or blow dry (I should use a diffuser, but I just use my fingers. Because I am lazy.). Either way, it just sort of enhances and improves the curl – the waves stay intact, but there’s zero frizz. Now, listen: I haven’t used mousse since The Escape Club gave a concert at my junior high, so I get that you might be giving me the raised eyebrow on this one. Bear with me – would I steer you wrong?

If I’m feeling extra ambitious, I throw a dab of Forme Fatale on damp hair and blow dry as usual, and I swear to you – it looks like I walked out of one of those $40-a-pop blow dry bars. My hair’s all bouncy and shiny and smooth – I get compliments from strangers! This stuff has changed what I think about gels forever. I was expecting my hair to be all crunchy and weird, but it’s kind of amazing.

What I really love about these styling products is twofold. First, they’re idiot-proof, which I desperate need in these matters. Spray on, let air dry or blow dry as usual. No fancy skills required. And second, none of these leave you feeling like you have any product in your hair.

Check out the rest of the Kérastase styling options here, but truly – do your hair a solid and give one a try. I’m betting you’ll be back to order the rest.

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