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As you might have noticed, I can be a bit of a perfectionist (cough). And so, when Hubs finally convinced me to enter the modern age and upgrade to an iPhone 5s, the biggest hurdle wasn’t the technology, but finding the perfect casesena case

Specifically, I wanted a wallet case – something that would hold a credit card or two, to save me from having to schlep my purse along every time I want to run across the street for an iced cappuccino. (The alternative being stuffing a card in my pocket, then forgetting to return it to my wallet and going on a mad hunt for the card five days later when I can’t remember what jeans I was wearing when I last had it.)

But the problem, as always, is that I have parameters. I don’t love the type that fold out – I tried that with a J.Crew version (which, incidentally, also fell apart in record time), and found it incredibly annoying when trying to actually use the phone. Also, it can’t be overly bulky – the whole point of having an iPhone instead of its myriad competitors is that the iPhone is trim and sleek. Plus, I’m unwilling to take the case off every night so it will fit in a charging dock. So, that ruled out the Kate Spade itinerations.

Just as I was nearing my breaking point, I happened across Sena, and friends – Goldilocks has finally met her match. Their Lugano case is exactly what I was after – sleek and classic, made of supple leather that looks luxe and wears beautifully, and incredibly well made. I was dubious about the color choices, but it turns out they’re gorgeous in person. The red croc is this lovely matte lipstick red, and the tan is really more of a broken-in cognac that looks like you’ve had it for years. I do maybe wish there were a few more color options, but for now, I’m a very happy camper.

If the wallet case isn’t your thing (though really, I can’t recommend it highly enough), I’m also quite a fan of their Ultra Thin leather cases, which come in a rainbow of yummy colors, and are awfully stylish. They’re so thin, they just kind of meld into your phone, and the leather is pettably soft. If you’re edgier than me, the black & gold would be incredibly cool, but my favorites are the classic white or the perfect Hermes orange.

Oh, and bonus: Sena actually makes cases for just about every Android phone out there, which is a nice change from the rest of the iPhone-only pack. And they’d make an excellent Father’s Day gift, if you (like me) are still scrambling for ideas.

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  1. Cynthia Rose

    Something like this would be ideal to carry with you. It would also help motivate a person to never misplace their phone. I think the overall look of it is chic as well.

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