q & a: talking summer scarves with nicole feix of lilogi


Leigh & Luca, Mary Katrantzou & Horiyoshi the Third, all available at Lilogi

Just because it’s summer, don’t think for a second that my scarf collection is on sabbatical. Frankly, I’m freezing darn near all the time – but there’s also that constant flow of A/C, chilly evening air and San Francisco’s highly unpredictable weather to contend with. So, while I might switch from cashmere to cotton, linen and silk, my scarves are still getting a serious workout this season. summer scarves

If there’s anyone I know who’s a bigger scarf addict than yours truly, it’s Nicole Feix. She’s the founder of Lilogi, also known as My Happy Place. It’s a fantastic online boutique entirely dedicated to scarves (and which, PS, has a pretty amazing sale section). She carries some of the most extraordinary pieces, with a flawless mix of names I know and love, and new lines I’m always thrilled to discover. She was kind enough to let me pick her brain about my all-time favorite accessory, and offered up all sorts of wisdom about how to wear, choose and store your scarves year round!


Nazanin Rose MatinJane Carr & Athena Procopiou, available at Lilogi

Shopping’s My Cardio: What made you want to launch a store that carries exclusively scarves?

Nicole Feix: I’m so inspired by the scarf as a creative canvas, but the more that I thought about the actual business, the more sense it made. An exclusive, online ‘scarf store’ didn’t exist prior to Lilogi. Scarves are as essential as jeans or t-shirts for those of us who wear them everyday and so we need access to a wide variety of pieces.

SMC: As a serious scarf lover myself, I definitely can see the appeal of being surrounded by all of these gorgeous pieces. What do you love about scarves? What draws you to them?

NF: I love how a scarf can add a new dimension to your total look, and the free-spirited, confident vibe that it exudes. A scarf is a very personal item that communicates a woman’s individual style in a great way. It’s something that you can either make a real statement with or just look effortlessly cool in.

SMC: What does “Lilogi” mean?

NF: Lilogi, which is pronounced Lil-uh-jee, is a word that I made up by combining the first two letters of the words ‘Live’, ‘Love’, and ‘Give’. These three words are inherent to my brand and they apply to scarves as well.

SMC: Do you wear a scarf every day?

NF: Absolutely! But that’s not because I’m in the scarf business— I have worn scarves daily for as long as I can remember. When I began developing my personal style, which was probably around my late teens, I started building my scarf collection simultaneously.

SMC: Can you share your favorite way to wear/tie a scarf?

NF: I tend to be quite relaxed when it comes to my own scarf tying. My personal style is pretty laidback and casual and so my scarf-wearing mirrors that. Often, I work with a larger scarf— I take it from one corner and run the scarf on a diagonal, and then loosely wrap it around my neck once or twice. Lately, I have been taking the ends of the scarf once its wrapped and tying them together for volume. This summer, I plan to wear smaller silk scarves as chokers. I love wrapping those ones around my wrist or forearm as well.

SMC: I think so many women are intimidated by scarves. What’s the best way to get started?

NF: Don’t over-think it! Choose a scarf that you love, throw it over your shoulders or wrap it around your neck, and go! Confidence is key when it comes to most aspects of fashion and personal style, so wear a scarf that you feel great in and be yourself!

SMC: What lines/designers are you most excited about right now?

NF: I’m a huge fan of Mary Katrantzou and I adore her scarf collection. She’s an incredibly talented young designer and her creativity amazes me. The ‘Love’ scarf from Japanese label Grisal is a year-round basic and one of our bestsellers. Leigh & Luca scarves are light and fun, so they’re ideal for summer. Each season, I try to pick up one new designer – right now we have Nazanin Rose Matin’s debut collection available exclusively at Lilogi.

SMC: What should women look for when buying a scarf, particularly one they’re really investing in?

NF: Quality is the number one priority for me, especially in the scarf world. I’m very mindful of the quality-for-value ratio, but I think that a notable difference can be felt when you’re wearing a high-quality scarf. After that, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable in it and that you will be able to style it in multiple ways. If it’s a printed scarf, something that expresses your personality is a worthwhile investment. For a solid scarf, texture and softness are important.

SMC: How many scarves do you own?

NF: I would be afraid to count! I’m trying to do this thing now where every time I bring a new scarf home, I have to give an old one away.

SMC: How do you store your scarves?

NF: I usually hang them nicely on metal hooks or over clothes hangers. Sometimes, I fold and store them in small cotton bags, which I find keeps them from wrinkling.

SMC: And which one is your absolute favorite, the one you’d grab if the house were burning down?

NF: Ha! It would be tough to pick just one, but if I had to – it would probably be this very basic, incredibly soft beige scarf that I have owned and worn for what feels like a hundred years! I always feel great in that one.

SMC: What’s your go-to outfit these days?

NF: I’ve been mixing it up lately. I move between extremes, from very boyish, relaxed, and deconstructed styles to more tailored pieces. I’m having a lot of fun finding unique, one-of-a-kind treasures that I can get a lot of wear out of.

SMC: What are you most excited about for summer?

NF: It was a bit of a rough winter, and so I’m looking forward to warmer weather! Wearing lightweight scarves with my leather jacket will feel great.

Thanks so much, Nicole! I don’t know about you, friends, but all this talk about gorgeous scarves has me jonesing for a new addition to my collection.

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