off the rack: custom campos tote (and a discount!)

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My perfect custom tote from Campos Bags!

It’s no secret that I am a picky shopper. But recently, when I decided what I really needed was a leather tote bag, I found myself at a whole new level of Goldilocks-grade perfectionism. I blame Paris.

While I was there, I kept seeing the same bag everywhere – those effortless, label-less (well, except for all of the Goyard) slouchy leather totes with super-thin handles and bottomless capacity, and I wanted one. Badly. But every time I got close to buying, something just wasn’t right. The leather wasn’t soft enough, or there were too many logos, or it was too heavy, or the top didn’t zip (really, an open-topped slouchy tote baffles me. Am I the only one whose bag falls off the back of the chair and spills its contents all over the floor on a regular basis?).

I fell hard for one particular version in the most jaw-dropping shade of Yves Klein blue, with tan handles. “If only…”, I thought to myself. If only it had zipped. If only it hadn’t been quite so structured. But oh, that color combo. It haunted me. Still, it wasn’t just exactly right. So, I left Paris tote-less. (Can you hear the sad violins in the background?)

But friends, the fashion gods had my back. Literally days after I got home, I met Campos – a brand new line founded by Toni Hacker (the dreamy designer behind Hayden-Harnett) and Roy Campos, a leather craftsman who still makes every last thing by hand in Brooklyn, from American-made materials. (Incidentally, Roy is also the guy making prototype bags for people like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Hayden-Harnett…you know, no biggie.)

Toni and Roy launched Campos as an antidote to the “It” bag. They wanted to remind people that there’s perfection in simplicity. That, when you make something right, it can last forever and only get better with time. Plus…drum roll please…you can customize a Campos in just about any color combo you can dream up!

And that, my friends, is the story of how I ended up with the most perfectly slouchy, practically weightless leather tote in a beautiful shade of Yves Klein blue with tan handles, a top that zips, and leather so soft you could snuggle up to it at night.

Want one? I had a feeling. Lucky you, they’re 20% off this weekend with code INDEPENDENCE (through 7/8). Can’t think of a better way to celebrate the 4th than with a brand new, 100% American-made bag…can you?

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