a currently coveting compendium

Lately, it seems my Pinterest boards runneth over with goodies I (at least momentarily) can’t live without. Quite possibly, all of this way-too-early holiday business has seeped into my subconscious and I’m formulating lists for Santa against my will. Whatever the reason, in no particular order, and with zero rhyme and reason, I thought I’d share a few things I can’t get over this week.

Basically every one of the fall coats at J.Crew this month has me in palpitations, but most especially the tipped cocoon coat in that gorgeous deep blue. The quickly-becoming-predictable 25% discount (this week, it’s GETWARM) isn’t helping me restrain myself, but my bursting-at-the-seams coat closet certainly is.

jcrew coat

I’m also pretty smitten with the Chateau Parka, though a fur-lined hood is a bit much for my particular area code. Oh, and the Icon Wool Trench, which is so very Ali Macgraw, I can’t even handle it.

And as long as we’re shopping J.Crew, I’d very much like this graphic grid scarf too, please. I know I’m supposed to be excited about buffalo plaid this season, but since I am not 19 and this isn’t 1992, I’d much prefer this mod take.

grid scarf

Oh wait, did someone say coats? If I were going to add to my overflowing coat closet, it would almost certainly be a toggle coat. I’m working on a theory that there are two kinds of people in the world: toggle coat people and peacoat people. After exhaustive research, I’m pretty sure I’m the former. Talbots has a pretty great toggle this fall, in fact, and it comes in a whole rainbow of fruit flavors (though it’d be hard to beat classic navy in my book).

talbots toggle coat

I won’t deny that Barbour’s version is mighty tempting too, though the price tag is not.

My friends at Hayden-Harnett just launched their Winter collection, and though I was awfully excited to see my little Bowdoin crossbody in a million new colors, it’s the Garland clutch in black croc that I’d quite like to invite to some holiday parties.

garland black croc

And really, was there any chance I wasn’t going to swoon a little when I saw these? Clearly, my gold animal obsession shows no signs of abating.


What tabs have you been keeping open on your computer this week, friends?

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2 comments on “a currently coveting compendium

  1. Vanessa

    Lol. That last line about keeping tabs open is SO ME. Of course then when I email them to myself and close them all I nearly always forget about all of the things that I thought I just had to have. But right now these are my open tabs 😉

    The perfect backpack for snowshoeing this winter.

    A fancy little necklace and silver earrings to dress up my work clothes.

    These boots to keep my toes out of the snow this winter.

    This dang shirt that I have been watching for what feels like all year.

    I need another gorgeous scarf like I need a hole in my head but that doesn’t keep me from drooling over this one.

    Further evidence that I never met a print I didn’t like: this dress.

    And some stuff for my house: a little bud vase, a sturdy brass bookend and one of these
    gorgeous rolling pins.

    Now to go hide my credit cards.

  2. Shopping's My Cardio

    Vanessa: I am digging that rolling pin! And you’ve added a couple of jewelry sites to my ever-growing list, so thanks for that 🙂 (Oh, and PS…I can tell you from experience that that EF shirt is kind of awesome.)

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