Gift Guide: The Tech Geek

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They know about the latest gadget before it even hits stores, are the resident IT support for friends and family, and if they can’t use a life hack to automate something, you can bet that they’re working on optimizing it. Even if you don’t understand a single word on their wishlist, here’s a list of gifts your favorite tech geek will be thrilled to unwrap.

1. The Mother House Sensor is a great for anyone who could use a helping hand around the house and a gentle reminder to keep their habits on track. Using four motion sensor cookies and twelve different apps Mother can help you remember to take your medication, track your steps, keep an eye on your house and valuables, and even help you get a better night’s sleep. The only thing it’s missing is Mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies and reminders to “bring a sweater or you’ll catch a cold out there”…

2. This little device takes binge-watching your favorite shows (ahem, Scandal…)  to a whole new level. Simply plug the Chromecast into your TV and then seamlessly stream your favorite show from your tablet, phone or laptop directly onto your TV.

3. Perfect for the social media obsessed, these # and @ earrings are a cheeky and subtle way to wear your passion. #twitterstyle

4. Sometimes it can feel like we keep our lives on our laptops, so it only makes sense to protect them in style. This sleek and minimal leather laptop case from Everlane proves function and style are not mutually exclusive.

5. 3D printing is a cutting-edge manufacturing technique that “prints” 3D objects using layers (lots and lots of layers…) of plastic filament. And trust us: the geek on your list wants one. Like, a lot. This Printrbot Simple Maker’s Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to dabble in this trippy new technology.

6. Call it a nod to hipsterdom, but we’ve noticed our tech-phile friends reverting to old-school fountain pens of late. This Heart of Darkness fountain pen ink is archival grade and fade-resistant, but formulated so that it won’t bind to skin. It rubs right off, so no more annoying ink stains on your hands weeks later! Plus, it comes with a Platinum Preppy fountain pen, making it the perfect combo gift (or stocking stuffer).

7. We could pretend that this Syma X1 Quad Copter is just for kids, but I definitely know a few adults who would get a kick out of it as well. It’s light enough that you can fly it indoors without worrying about damaging anything, but tough enough that it can withstand the inevitable crash landings.

8. Whether they appreciate quality acoustics or just need a pair of “don’t bother me” headphones for their open floor plan office, Sennheiser makes some of the highest quality headphones on the market, and they’re even collapsible, so they’re perfect for jamming into a laptop case (or carry-on).

9. A great gift for the frequent traveler or long distance commuter, this genius little device connects to your tablet or mobile and projects a full-size virtual keyboard onto any surface. Because sometimes you don’t want to carry your laptop, but still need to tap out that report.

10. Any fan of the cult online comic XKCD would be thrilled to get a copy of “What If?”. Written and illustrated in Randall Munroe’s trademark style, it answers life’s burning questions like, “Exactly what would it feel like if I was magically transported onto the surface of the Sun for one nanosecond?”

11. Know someone who can spend hours tinkering with electronics? Or how about a kid who has a knack for computers? The Raspberry Pi is a mini, fully-functioning computer that can be used in a larger system or simply plugged into an old keyboard and monitor to become a fully functioning computer, making it perfect for hardware hackers as well as coding beginners.

12. A VPN (aka a Virtual Private Network) might not be the flashiest present, but it will certainly be a hit for anyone who’s concerned about internet privacy or simply wants to kick up their internet speed a few notches.

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