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Everyone knows that men are notoriously difficult to shop for. But this year, we’ve got you covered with a men’s gift guide jam-packed with creative, no-brainer ideas for the guys in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, brother, boyfriend, father, grandpa or son, there is sure to be something here that they would love to receive more than that neck tie you’ve had your eye on.

1. Know a guy who appreciates a good beer? Why not get him a kit so he can brew his own? The Brooklyn Brewshop has kits for everything from stout to hard cider, giving him a chance to try out his hand at being a brewmaster.

2. Scrimshaw is the art of carving bone and ivory, originally done by whalers and sailors while out at sea. Great for guys with an artistic streak or those who are good with their hands (or just fidgety), this kit from Mollyjogger gives him everything he needs to get started with scrimshaw.

3. Leather Head footballs are handmade the old-school way, with real leather and hand-stitching, so they’re built to last through years of backyard touch football and will only get better with use.

4. If he’s forever hunting for his phone and wallet, this Leatherback Writer organizer keeps everything collected in one compact case, without venturing into “murse” territory. Add a nice pen and a Field Notes notebook, and it’s a perfect gift for any guy on the go.

5. If he’s still sporting that facial hair from Movember, help him take care of it with this bestselling duo from Brooklyn Grooming. Their beard oil and balm is lightly scented and will moisturize, style and add shine to whatever style of facial hair he’s rocking these days.

6. While these touch screen gloves are marketed for runners, anyone would appreciate a pair of gloves that don’t make you choose between frozen digits and sending one. last. text.

7. A Leatherman isn’t just a great gift for the guys. I have one of my own, and I can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy for things like tightening screws, opening packages, and assembling Ikea furniture. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife on steroids, and it’s built to last forever.

8. Have you ever met a guy with picture-perfect bed linens? I didn’t think so. Pendleton is such a classic, and their classic striped blanket is perfect for curling up in front of the fire or a movie or updating his bachelor pad, and the cheerful stripe pattern will brighten up even the most manly decor.

9. Speaking of apartment decor, if his walls are still riddled with old posters from his college days, help him up the ante with this Stellavie’s Northern Sky Print, which would be a striking (and educational) addition to any bachelor pad. (Bonus points for framing it so he doesn’t hang it up with thumbtacks…or gum.)

10. Any coffee lover knows Blue Bottle Coffee, and now their subscription service delivers monthly packages of quality coffee right to their doorstep.

11. Most of the guys I know have a signature dish or two that they can cook blindfolded, and it usually involves steak. Expand his repertoire a little with Meat by Pat LaFrieda, which has everything you want to know about meat including 75 mouthwatering recipes.

12. Whether he’s finally giving up those dingy freebie t-shirts or is already a sharp dresser, every guy can use a few more plaid button-downs in their closet. I love this cozy flannel slim-fit shirt from Banana Republic – he’ll look great (and be so much nicer to snuggle up to).

13. History buffs and tech guys will love diving into Alan Turing: the Enigma. The inspiration for The Imitation Game, it’s a page-turner about the inventor of modern computing, code breaking, and artificial intelligence, and shows a different side of WWII that the usual material doesn’t cover.

14. The Motherlode Artisanal Sauce and Rub pack is a great gift for the home cook or grill master. Dave’s Homemade sauces and rubs are all made in small batches in Oregon, and with flavors like Roasted Poblano BBQ sauce and Sea Salt Caramel Sauce, he’s sure to be the hero of the next family BBQ.

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