etsy of the day: karen hilton designs

it’s been a while since we had an etsy feature, but this seemed like the perfect excuse.  how fabulous are these felt applique pillows by karen hilton?!  my only problem is choosing which one, but i think i’ve settled on that adorable little bassett hound….though i’m loving these colorful union jack cushions too (between that […]

etsy search of the day: "anemone"

since i love both the flower and the spiny sea creatures, i decided to see what would happen if i just searched for “anemone” on etsy… anemone photo pendant, $35, adornjewelry “an enemy or an anemone?” original photograph, $40, janeofalltrades. not exactly an anemone, but so cool nonetheless. “charming creatures 12”, $100, by lisa congdon. […]

etsy of the day: photography by jennifer squires

i’m pretty particular when it comes to art photography, since my hubs is a pro photographer. but when jennifer squires sent her work over for me to check out, i instantly loved her work. jennifer says her work presents “simplicty and meaning in the beauty of the everyday,” and that says it better than i […]

etsy of the day: sarahjanestudios prints

i’ve had this artist listed as one of my etsy favorites for ages. everything she comes up with just somehow makes me relaxed, happy and mellow. and for a high-strung girl like me, that’s something special. so, i’m pretty confident that if i were decorating a nursery (now there’s the “if” heard round the world…), […]

etsy of the day: ceramic trinket buns

i am so in love with these little cupcake trinket boxes by EmmaLitten, i hardly know where to begin. i am forever lacking in a place to put my “daily wear” jewelry – it somehow ends up on the window ledge in my kitchen, thrown haphazardly on my nightstand, or on the itsy bitsy shelf […]

etsy of the day: satsuma press

i admit it. my name is shoppingsmycardio, and i’m a paperholic. my holiday cards this year were from satsuma press, an amazing letterpress designer selling on etsy. the moment the cards arrived in the mail, i knew i’d be back for more. her work is really exquisite – the colors are amazing, and the designs […]