Gift Guide: The French Girl

The gift guides are here, the gift guides are here! Before we dive in, let me just say how excited I am to welcome Erin back to the SMC family for a little holiday cameo. She’s done an amazing job of helping me pull these gorgeous guides together, and I’m profoundly grateful…and impressed. Truly, they might be our […]

a french girl summer, part two (and an announcement)

All via the Pinterest/Google Images rabbit hole… Well friends, you asked and I’m (finally) delivering the summer edition of my foolproof guide for how to dress like a French girl (if you missed the original version, it’s right here)! This story’s really best told via images, so I have a slew more for you on Pinterest (along with […]

how to dress like a french girl

Emmanuelle Alt & team, image via (for more Parisian style goodness, see my Pinterest page) Hi, friends! I’m back, I’m caffeinated, and I’m finally ready to start telling you all about that wonderful trip I took. Before I get into the official travel reviews, tips and all of that goodness, something’s been nagging at me. Something I noticed literally […]

must read: the girly graphic novel

           i know…i had no idea they existed either.  but do you ever get the feeling the universe is conspiring to send you in one direction?  when “the watchman” (i am not linking to it – the website is loud!) was first in previews, i remember telling the hubs i had never heard […]

the five summer shoes you need (almost all under $100!)

Every year, as soon as summer hits, I look into my shoe closet and panic. The sandals I bought last year feel tired and overworked, and ever so slightly out of style…so, naturally, I start to shop. But lord, are there options this time of year! Inevitably, I get overwhelmed by the possibilities, and either end up with three times […]