sweltering style relief from gorjana

with the weather being as swelteringly hot as it’s been lately, i’m sorry, but heavy cuffs and statement necklaces just aren’t an option.  instead, i head for the lightest, sweetest pieces i can find…but i still want maximum impact to offset summer’s perma-casual style.  and nearly every day this summer, gorjana has been my go-to […]

frugal fashion tips: glam your look with gorjana (and a discount!)

it’s no secret that gorjana is one of my favorite jewelry lines. every season, they never fail to debut pieces that are gorgeous, unique, and completely wearable. i get endless compliments on every piece of gorjana i own, and they’re unfailingly the styles that are in heaviest rotation from my jewelry box. their holiday collection […]

what i want today: gorjana jewelry

it has recently occurred to me that, while my shoe and bag collection are pretty rounded out at this point, i’m woefully lacking in the jewelry and other accessories department. the truth is that i’ve just never been that great at picking pieces of jewelery that were designed to really accent an outfit…i’m much more […]