SMC beauty buys: suki sensitive cleansing bar

nothing like a little chat about cleanser to really get you revved up, i know.  the truth is, a good cleanser is essential, but thoroughly un-fun to shop for, so i thought i’d let you all know about the new sensitive cleansing bar from suki ($10.95) that’s keeping my face squeaky clean and quite happy. made from lemongrass and shea butter, this is […]

what i want for earth day: suki cosmetics

i have to admit that i sort of have a love/hate with suki products. the problem is that i tend to get a little obsessed, and find myself having a hard time parting with them long enough to try any other brands that come my way. suki just launched their cosmetic line, and i love […]

lazy green for earth day

(photo by blissful images – the perfect earth day purchase, don’t you think?) i think most people that know me would agree i’m not the most green person you’ll ever meet.  i refuse to cancel my catalog subscriptions, i can’t be bothered to sort my glass from my plastics, and it’s maybe one time out […]

what i’m giving today: gift sets worth giving

editor’s note:  the drawing for that stunning pallie croc wallet closes thursday at midnight…have you really not entered yet? let me preface this guide with the following:  despite their rep, gift sets can be really lovely, thoughtful gifts.  added bonus:  once you make up your mind, they’re easy to track down, and usually require no […]

shoppingsmycardio’s top 3 of 2007: beauty

it’s been a big year here at shoppingsmycardio – it seems like there’s always something wonderful we just have to have. so, it felt fitting to end the year with a roundup of my favorite beauty items, clothing and accessories from 2007. beauty was actually the easy one for me this year, though i tried […]