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shopping is my cardio…and it’s mindy kaling’s too!

Oh, the emails you have sent me this week, friends. The tweets, the Facebook messages, the Instagram tags…! You are almost (almost!) more excited about this than I am, and for that, I adore you.

In case you missed it, this week on The Mindy Project:

Image via WornOnTV & @mindykaling on Instagram

Do you think she’s a fan?

Sadly, as most of you know, the line isn’t mine – it’s a Sex & The City relic. But it’s a goodie, and I’ve happily usurped it. I’ve seen this tee roaming the interwebs this spring, but now that Mindy has catapulted my little catchphrase back to its proper standing, I’m feeling a surge of validation.

I’m also feeling an itch to make a better version of this tee (naturally, completely sold out in pink, but you can still nab one in white). While I love the sentiment, it seems like the delivery is…lacking, no? I think we could do better.

So, the question is this: If I designed a better, chic-er SMC tee, would you want one? Tell me in the comments, yo!

Oh, and happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

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eye candy: the met gala

Wow, it is just way too beautiful outside to be cooped up in my living room in front of a computer. So, pardon me for being brief. Fortunately, these gorgeous pics from last night’s Met Gala speak for themselves. The Gala is often referred to as the “Fashion Oscars”, and you’re about to see why:

All images via WhoWhatWear, except as noted

{From left: January Jones in Atelier Versace / Kate Bosworth in Prada (image c/o Just Jared) / Beyonce in Givenchy}

And just in case you thought the night might be short on sequins…

{From left: Nina Dobrev in Donna Karan / Karolina Kurkova in Rachel Zoe / Bianca Brandolini D’Adda in Dolce & Gabbana}

Nina Dobrev’s train was the talk of Twitter last night…apparently, it was so long, she had to have a “train handler” for the evening. After the snoozefest that was the 2012 Oscars red carpet, I was so happy to see all of these bold, risk-taking, drop-dead-amazing looks walk the runway for the Met. Sure, there were a few to hate (Kirsten Dunst: seriously?), but that’s all part of the fun.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being a celebrity just long enough to have a place to wear one of these gorgeous beauties (and a designer to give me one, for that matter).

So, who did you love? Who did you hate? Who did you love to hate? Dish in the comments…

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style stalker: kate middleton

Don’t worry, we’re not turning into a celeb trend site, nor are we morphing into a Catherine Middleton fan HQ. But I did sort of love her outfits on her tour de North America, and I think there are some lessons to be learned about how possible it is to look chic with just a closet full of staple items. Since I took the time to sleuth out where she found some of my favorite pieces, I thought I’d share.

Image via Racked…thanks, guys.

See what I mean? There’s nothing really exciting about this outfit – in fact, I’m guessing you have it in your closet righ now. But she’s picked pieces with a bit of detail that make them feel special, and take them to the next sartorial level.

Really, it’s the belt that grabbed me – it’s the one unique touch here. It gives a perfect pop of style and a bit of youth to her look, without standing out too terribly much. The design is by Linda Camm and (for now at least) is quite reasonable at $72. That’s practically a steal to own something a princess owns, don’t you think?

And then there’s that navy Smythe jacket, which is easy to love – I’ve fallen for more than my share of Smythe. This particular version just has a bit more style than some classic navy blazers – that little gold button at the side, and the cutaway vent in back – and does genius things to emphasize her (already very narrow) waist. Shockingly, it’s now sold out at Saks, Shopbop and Neiman Marcus, but I did manage to find a few at Singer 22.

Of course, if you nabbed the Canvas by Lands’ End version we talked about this spring, and spent a few dollars at the tailor for a button swap and you’d have a very similar version for about one-third the price. Just sayin’.

And then those infamous little espadrille wedges from Pied a Terre. I do love them – and god bless her for showing off a moderate heel without shame – though honestly, I might be a bit more partial to these from the same line:

What are you thinking about all this Kate-mania? I know it’s a bit much at times…but I admit, I kind of love all the princess crazy.  Her style is just so much closer to what I’d actually wear than, say, Michelle Obama (not to be unpatriotic…).  Plus, she still wears pieces we can (for the most part) afford. Who knows how long that will last, but I intend to get in on the action while I can.

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oscars 2011: the fashion

sigh…the oscars really do feel like my version of the superbowl.  last night, we ordered pizza and watched the entire thing, from pre-game coverage to the very last hokey song by that elementary school choir, and made fun of absolutely everything along the way.  it was fabulous.

while i do love the awards, for me (as you might expect) it’s mostly about the fashion.  but i felt like there were slim pickings at the oscars this year…i’m not sure if most of the a-list stayed home, or if the red carpet coverage was lacking, but there just wasn’t as much glamorous goodness as i expect out of oscar night.  but still, i can’t resist a little armchair quarterbacking.

first, a few favorites:

even my hubs commented that nicole kidman must have made a deal with the devil to still look so amazing.  she was easily the most glamorous girl in the room in her dior haute couture, but for me, it was the red pierre hardy pumps that made the look.

i also loved scarlett johannson’s fitted dolce and gabbana lace sheath. it was utterly unlike anything i’m used to seeing her in, but i loved the shade (though it did not work with the red of the carpet), and the slightly less obvious sex appeal of the gown.  even if i am still annoyed with her for breaking poor ryan reynolds’ heart.

then there was jennifer lawrence, an actress i couldn’t pick out of a lineup. but she won a jaw-drop from me in what i thought was the most flawless gown of the evening. her red calvin klein collection gown fit and flattered her in every possible way, from every possible angle.  it just goes to show what simple can do.

speaking of calvin klein, gwyneth paltrow’s look screamed francisco costa’s name even before she confirmed it on the red carpet, and it was a flawless choice in every way.  i wasn’t a fan of the oversized dragon earrings, but we can’t win them all.

and i can’t resist giving credit to sandra bullock for showing up in full glam regalia.  her red vera wang was a perfect choice, and added a dose of personality and cheer, both of which she probably needed this year.  in the wake of all that bastard ex of hers is pulling, it takes one hell of a woman to continue to look this good, and present herself this well.  you go, sandra!

my award for best age-appropriate attire went to annette bening, who looked stunning and so elegant in her simple silver beaded column dress.

and last, hillary swank’s feathery gucci premiere gown caught my eye during the pre-show coverage, and i actually had to flip to the coverage on e! to check it out up close.  i was so happy to see her make a really feminine choice this time around, after years of more simple, clean choices.

as for the more questionable choices (i really didn’t see any huge misses this year – even helena bonham carter kept it tasteful!):  cate blanchett, who walks on water, as far as i’m concerned, made an interesting choice with her lavender chiffon givenchy haute couture.  the bottom was floaty and perfect, but i couldn’t take my eyes off the weird, matronly neckline and beading, or the sharp, apron-style shoulders.  was it daring, or did i just hate it?  i still can’t decide…

reese witherspoon wins my award for looking least like herself.  with the huge, poofed hair extension, and the incredibly safe (though lovely) armani prive dress, she felt more black-and-white ball than red carpet to me.  add the perturbed look on her face, and i’m guessing she’d rather have been at home snuggling with her new fiance.

and, okay, if i do have to pick a “least favorite”…it has to be marisa tomei’s vintage charles james gown, which was just so ill-fitting, and so wrong for her body type, i literally cringed for her.  she was at least two cup sizes short of filling out the top, and it didn’t flatter her in a single aspect.  also, she kept putting her hands to her stomach during every interview, which tells me she knew it wasn’t fitting well, and that makes it even worse.  a true oscar tragedy.

{all photos courtesy of reuters/getty images, with thanks}

of course, we can’t forget anne hathaway as host who, styled by the impeccably-paid rachel zoe, looked phenomenal throughout.  i only had a gripe with one of her many, many wardrobe changes, which is an impressive record with someone as disagreeable as i am.  though you can’t tell in these photos, that custom vivienne westwood couture (bottom right) was doing something very strange to her decolletage.  but i loved everything else, particularly that tuxedo by lanvin, which was spot on in so many ways, down to the pearl buttons on her shirt and those amazing brian atwood heels.

but enough about me.  what did you think?  what did you love?  hate?  can’t believe you saw?

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red carpet recap: the oscars!

that was some serious oscar fashion last night. i remember being so bummed about last year’s red carpet – everyone was being so restrained and overly conscious of not being excessive (stupid recession, ruining our fashion fun!). fortunately, it was all out the window this year. this year’s dresses were unbelievably over-the-top, not to mention oversized – there were impossibly huge ball skirts absolutely everywhere you turned! i fully expected an on-stage wardrobe malfunction, but i was sadly disappointed.

naturally, the awards are totally secondary to the commentary going on in my house about the fashion. i’m usually commenting so loudly about the presenters that i barely even hear the names of the nominees. and so, without further adieu, my list of the good, the bad, and the positively heinous.

first, the good (all photos, by the way, are from yahoo!’s completely excellent oscar photo coverage – definitely the place you want to stop to see the full looks!):

i thought penelope cruz was stunning in her pleated ruby ballgown from donna karan- a dress simply couldn’t be more flattering or elegant. and i adored the dreamy abstract print on rachel mcadams‘ almost-ethereal elie saab gown.

cameron diaz looked better than i think i’ve ever seen her (oscar de la renta can have that effect) – that silver gown is simply perfect. and even if maggie gyllenhaal could have picked something a bit more flattering to her beautiful figure, her dries van noten dress was gorgeous. i might have sacrificed some tummy camouflage for the chance to wear that beauty too.

kate winslet just owns a permanent spot on this list – i love every single thing that woman puts on, and last night’s sleek silver sheath by yves saint laurent was no exception. but the one who’s most likely to be overlooked is queen latifah, who i thought looked unbelievably gorgeous, and showed off her figure so perfectly. and last, but not least, honorary props to tom ford, because he’s just always beyond impeccable. we should all dress our men so well.

next up, a little ranting about some of the unfortunate “bad” that showed up on the red carpet:

for all that sarah jessica parker loves fashion, it makes me crazy that she continues to show up on the red carpet with these bizarre choices. this year’s choice from chanel isn’t the worst, but it just doesn’t do it for me. if i’m being honest, she might have escaped my “bad” list (i’d have just chalked it up to her generally unwise fashion sense), but for that awful tan and the fact that she was chewing gum when the cameras panned to her in the audience. really? gum? at the oscars? i have no words.

people seem sort of split about vera farmiga‘s gown, and i understand the dilemma. it is interesting to look at. sadly, however interesting, it’s hideously unflattering – the woman has a rockin’ body, and this just made her look twice her normal size.

charlize theron, i generally adore you, so i hate to say anything too harsh, but…boob rosettes? it’s hard to look any less than fabulous when you look like her, and yet she managed it. better luck next year, ladies.

and now, last – but most certainly, not least – my award for the truly, heinously ugly (drum roll, please…):

there’s one every year: that dress that just makes you wonder what someone was thinking when they spotted it and said “oh yes! that’s the dress! i definitely want to have my photo taken, viewed by millions and judged by critics for years while i’m wearing that.” zoe saldana (from avatar) really knocked it out of the ugly park with this tiered, ruffled, multitoned, glittery….whatever it is (by givenchy). when she showed up on the red carpet, i believe my comment was something along the lines of her needing to have someone remove the muppet clinging to her knees. part can-can, part showgirl, and one hundred percent deserving of the worst dressed award.

so, how’d i do? did we agree on the red carpet recap? what were your favorite hits and misses last night?

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celeb style: miley cyrus in rosena sammi jewelry

miley2      picture-41

we’re making a rare foray into the world of celeb style today, but i just couldn’t resist.  miley cyrus isn’t exactly on my list of stars to watch, but i do happen to love the necklace she’s sporting in these photos.  turns out it’s called the goa necklace, designed by rosena sammi.  from the photo on sammi’s website, i would never have given this one a second glance, so i’m thrilled to have a closer look.  turns out that, in silver, and with a “live model” to show off the long length, i’m suddenly a huge fan of this piece.  i love the chunky square beads mixed with the oversized chain – it’s a fantastic combination.

best of all, it’s a perfect investment for spring – $189 is definitely within the realm of reasonable for a fabulous statement piece like this.  and you’ll be able to make this work with a boho style (as miley is aptly demonstrating), or something much dressier.  if you’re looking for an accessory to invest in for spring, this is a great candidate….i know it’s high on my wish list!  pick it up from sammi’s website, before the celeb stalkers clean them out entirely!

Shop for luxury clothing at!

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the good, the bad and the fugly: oscar fashion 2009

first, a little confession:  i’m actually writing this before the actual awards show has even started.  as a style writer, for me, the awards are beyond secondary – it’s all about the pre-game red-carpet festivities.  while the filmgoer in me is rooting loudly for kate winslet and sean penn to win (update:  they did!), the fashion critic in me really cares only about the looks strolling down the red carpet.

this year’s fashions provided much less fodder for complaint than in years past.  there were some really amazing looks, and only a handful that caused my inner fashion police siren to start screaming.  the vast majority of the looks were understated and classic – a nod, i’m sure, to the drama in the economy.  fortunately, a few stunning stars took it upon themselves to remind us of what we love about hollywood:  the escapsim and glamour.  

picture-41      sjp

my favorite look of the evening was kate winslet, a perennial favorite of mine.  she never fails to deliver hollywood glamour in spades, and tonight was no exception.  her stunning gunmetal gown, by yves saint laurent, boasted an asymmetrical one-shouldered bodice, crisp belting at the waist, and then dripped drama with a delicate and detailed black lace overlay.  i loved that she let the dress speak for itself – her only jewelry was a pair of classic drop earrings and a diamond bangle.

sarah jessica parker’s gown ran a very close second in my book.  her gown, by dior haute couture, was everything we’d expect from this fashion icon.  referring to the color of her gown as “barely mint,” parker simply radiated style and stardom.  the gold accents in the fabric, that fantastic belt, and the extravagant, floaty ball skirt were a perfect combination.  in a perfect world, i’d have covered her decolletage a bit more, but…

other winners in my book:  amy adams took the prize for best accessory, with her stunning fred leighton choker, and marisa tomei‘s gown was museum-worthy in its gorgeous origami detailing (though i didn’t love how she carried it off).  and i loved the subtle detail on taraji p. henson‘s gown – it was the perfect blend of elegance and drama.

freida-pinto      jessica-biel

of course, there’s nothing like a night of glitz and glamour to bring out the cattiness in fashion critics everywhere…present company included.  i freely admit i used to feel so badly for the stars who end up battered and bruised in the hindsight commentary from the fashion police.  but the more i’ve learned about this incredible industry, the more i realize that with all of the hours of planning, shopping, prepping and primping that go into putting a star on the red carpet, there’s just no excuse for the worst of the worst.

i was so excited to see what freida pinto would do with her oscar look – her lovely skin tone makes her an ideal candidate for bold, bright color, and showing off a little skin.  sadly, while the color was there, the skin wasn’t…and the asymmetrical bodice just didn’t work for me.  the whole thing was made worse by a single long sleeve made entirely of lace….just far too dowdy and old-fashioned for her hip, sexy vibe.

jessica biel’s was another look that really disappointed me.  with a figure like hers, the possibilities are endless.  so, unless she’s hiding a baby bump, there was little to explain away the gratuitous draping on the front of her gown.  but the real crime was her footwear – a black closed-toe pump with a cream column gown?  i would have loved to see a metallic shoe, and open-toe seems so obvious…i just have no idea what she was thinking.  add on a very lackluster half-up hairstyle, and the look just fell flat.

as for other misses, i wasn’t thrilled about miley cyrus‘ over-the-top style, which just seemed to completely overpower her.  ditto for beyonce‘s look, which i wanted to love at first glance.  but it’s no small feat to overpower someone like her (not to mention the fact that the gown was completely unflattering, adding at least a couple of hours to her hourglass figure).  and then there was mickey rourke…but really, i think the photo just speaks for itself.  just as well, as i was left speechless.  

ultimately, this just wasn’t a year for shock and drama at the oscars.  but if you’re looking for trends to take to the bank, there was clear evidence that classic glamour is back, statement jewelry can make even a lackluster gown fabulous, and when in doubt – a belt provides instant structure and style to nearly any ensemble.  nothing we didn’t know before…but sometimes, a little validation is all you need.

*all photos courtesy AP and

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