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friday finds, in brief

It’s a small list of finds this week, my friends. I’m working like mad on this year’s SMC Holiday Gift Guides, so my head’s swimming with sugar plums and scented lotions. Truthfully, I already feel like I’m weeks behind…does anyone else get completely panicked when they see all of these blog gift guides pop up in early November? So much pressure! My guides will be running the week after Thanksgiving, which I think is plenty of shopping time for us civilized folk, thankyouverymuch.

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friends & family bonanza!

It’s a good day, my friends! Welcome to the first day of Friends & Family at both Saks Fifth Ave. and Shopbop! Yep, you heard me. 20% off sitewide, with the obvious nagging designer exclusions.

Friends and family is wonderful, but remember, it’s the precursor to the fall sales, when things will start at 25-30% off. So, like everything else in life, it’s a gamble. Take the sure thing now? Or wait until next week, when prices start to drop? It’s a judgment call, but generally, I suggest using Friends & Family to splurge on pieces that are classic, and therefore won’t go on sale – like, say, a Burberry trench. It’s also a great time for denim, as those markdowns won’t happen until much later in the season (if at all). And pieces you’ll wear to death now, like boots.

Want some examples?

At Saks, use code FRNFAM2 through 10/21 (and combine it with code OCTBSFA for free shipping on $150+):

Twisted seam sweater, Vince, $176 from $220; Newbury ankle boots, Rag & Bone, $396 from $495; Grey flannel Marrakesh, MiH $169 from $211 (more on these amazing pants later)

At Shopbop, you’ll use code WEAREFAMILY, but it’s only good through tomorrow (10/17):


Colorblock pullover, Elizabeth & James, $292 from $365; Richley lace dress, DVF, $292 from $365; Ingrid lurex sweater, Velvet, $92 from $114

But what I really want to know is…what are you buying??

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a busy week at SMC HQ…want to see what I’ve been up to?

Earlier this week, I got a note that Urban Waxx, my favorite waxing spot in Portland, is hosting a 24-hour Waxx-a-Thon this Saturday, 10/6, starting at 9 am. Yep, you can get your bikini line tidied up at 2 am, friends! Details are over here, but the jist is this: appointments are good, but walk-ins are welcome, and all of the proceeds go to two excellent charities – one for nature, and one for the LGBT community. There will also be food, booze and donuts! If you’re in town, I hope you’ll stop by and groom in the name of charity.

My poor nails haven’t seen the inside of a mani/pedi shop in…well, in so long I’m not willing to admit it. That all ends today. I just got my samples of OPI’s new Germany collection, and will be beelining to my friendly neighborhood salon to try them out this afternoon. Can’t even tell you how excited I am about these colors…I’m going for “My Very First Knockwurst” or “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons” for my fingers, and for the toes, it’s got to be “Suzi & the 7 Düsseldorfs”.

Crimson Mim, a sweet little shop in Palo Alto, just launched its e-commerce site, which is big news. They have a tightly-edited collection of just about every name I know and love, including Rachel Comey, Philip Lim, Velvet and Loeffler Randall. I’m in love already. Now, where did I put that AmEx?

Oh! And speaking of great stores, before I forget, there are a couple of fantastic sales to be had this weekend. Take 30% off the fall collection at Diane von Furstenburg with code FALL30. Also, it’s Friends & Family time at Tory Burch, which means that code TBFRIENDS gets you 25% off sitewide. Go forth and shop!

Last but not least, it’s time for my weekly Pinterest pick. I keep going back to this crazy versatile Jerome Dreyfuss bag I spotted at Saks a while back, and pinning images of it in various colors and states. I am pretty much hypnotized by the fact that these two photos are the same bag (albeit in different colors, obvi). Can’t get over it, and kind of think I have to have it.

Have a wonderful weekend…I’ll be here slaving away on that massive project I keep mentioning. Wish me luck, and have a relaxing weekend on my behalf, won’t you?

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fashion’s night out (and a few steals)!

Fashion’s Night Out tote, $50

Welcome to Fashion’s Night Out, friends! As usual, I’m blue as a pair of overdyed jeans about not being in NYC to celebrate, but luckily most major cities (and even a fair share of minor ones) are hosting great FNO events these days.

To find out what’s going on in your neck of the woods, check out the official FNO website, which links to all of the cities participating. In Portland, for example, most of the downtown retail shops are hosting special in-store events (free booze is often involved) and the Downtown Business Alliance is teaming up with all of the most fashion-forward stores in town to put on a fashion show in Director’s Park, which is always stellar. Also, swag bags! A minimum purchase gets you free parking and loads of awesome goodies – I got a sneak peek, and it’s pretty fab (think free eats, discounts at some of my favorite shops and free parking for the night!). If you see me out and about tonight, come say hi!

Or, if you’re a lazy homebody, fret not – plenty of Fashion’s Night In awesomeness happening too. The one-night-only discount codes are starting to roll into my inbox already, so check back here periodically today and I’ll update the list with all of the best! And of course, if you find a goodie, share it in the comments – shopping should always be a team sport.

  • London Sole: Finally splurge on those ballet flats you’ve been coveting. Use code FNO from 4-8 pm (EST) for a very rare 15% discount.
  • LAMade: One of my all-time favorite tee brands is offering 30% off, plus a free tee & free shipping with orders over $150. Use code FNOLA.
  • Kate Spade: Extra markdowns in a “Surprise Sale” happening today only.

So, tell me…are you headed out to partake of the FNO excitement tonight?


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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! Is it 100 degrees where you are too? Terrifying. So, you’ll forgive my brevity today if you picture me blogging on the couch with a hot laptop sitting on my legs. Let’s get straight to business!

Net-a-Porter got a new fall delivery today, and I’m choosing to ignore the heat by coveting a few fall goodies.

Cashmere two-tone sweater, Clu, $305 / Leather-trimmed cardi coat, Vince, $485 / Wool peacoat, Burberry Brit, $1195

Of course, in reality, that Vince coat might make me look a little like an off-duty judge. And the Burberry peacoat is completely the wrong color for a pale girl like me. But I still think they’re gorgeous.

But then I have to ask about this: are we really doing dickies again? Granted, this one is pretty hip. And it’s by Miu Miu. But still…dickies?

Sigh. I hope not. In the category of great sale finds today, if you happen to be a student, know a student or want to be unscrupulous and exploit the completely illegitimate code I happen to have in my possession (email me), you can take 20% off at Topshop this weekend. Just sayin’.

Koko ballet flats, Topshop, $80 / Rhinestone triangle set, Topshop, $18 / Epaulette silk tee (also in white), Topshop, $110

Our intrepid Details columnist, Kate, alerted me to serious fashion news: the lovely ladies behind Sigerson Morrison have finally re-emerged with a new line! Enter Pied Juste, being sold exclusively at Anthropologie right now. Get a peek and buy early – their prices are pretty well guaranteed to go up in future seasons.

Last but not least, it’s Pinterest time. I’m always looking for a new way to tie a silk scarf…I find them uniquely challenging. But the Duchess has it nailed here. I’m assuming she has staff to follow her around and ensure it doesn’t budge, as whenever I try this, it’s a constant struggle to keep it from slipping off my neck and into my cappuccino. Still, the result is impeccable. And if you want your own “official Olympic scarf”, you can find hers right here.

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Stay cool, and I’ll see you back here Monday, when you’ll get to meet the first of our new guest writers. Can’t wait to make the introductions!

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friday finds / happy fourth!

Happy Friday, friends! This is an especially lovely Friday for me…it’s been a busy, busy month here, and I need some R&R. So, I’ve decided to give myself a little “staycation” next week. That’s the problem with a holiday falling on a Wednesday: it all but requires this kind of drastic action. So, I’ll be MIA here in blogtown, but I have no doubt I’ll be unable to completely detach, so if you get lonely, hang with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or even Instagram. I’m everywhere, people…just like Starbucks.

With that, a few of my favorite finds this week!

I love a good West Elm party, and they’re having a great one tomorrow. The Portland store is having a “Dog Days of Summer” bash – bring your dog, donate some food or treats to the Pixie Project (an amazing doggie nonprofit), and you’ll get a free pro pic of your pup. Meet me there! Oh, and if you’re not in Portland, don’t fear – other stores are having their own awesome fetes as well.

Claudia Pearson doggie plates, $16 (yep, totally need these)

You know by now that I’m not exactly the eco-friendly type. But I got the sweetest email from the owner of a very stylish green boutique called Future:Standard, to let me know that her entire site is 20% off this weekend with code sb1120. She has some pretty fantastic pieces, eco or no…a few of my faves:

Scalloped denim shorts, Covet, $50 / Kingston dress, Koch, $142 / Dean Tee, Toggery, $44

I have a longstanding love of Russian nesting dolls, or matryoshka (if you can spell it) Something about the bright colors, insane amounts of detail, and all that tinyness manages to appeal to my creative side and my Type A personality. So when I spotted these adorable stacking matryoshka necklaces, I let loose a tiny little squeal. Am I too old for them? Maybe. Am I still dying for one? Absolutely. I’d put the whole family on one 22″ silver chain…or, even better, a charm bracelet!

I got my copy of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog this week…and friends, it is good. My favorite pick so far? Those Rag & Bone Newbury boots you’ve seen on every. single. celebrity. They have a black suede edition for $299, which is an amazing price (they retail for $495, and almost never go on sale). Keep your eyes out for those bad boys…presale starts 7/11, but you know I’ll give you my annual picks list before then 🙂

And speaking of new social media, I’m going to give you a little Instagram goodness today instead of a Pinterest pick. I recently got the most gorgeous rugs from Rugs USA as part of my insane home overhaul. I’m head over heels for them…and so are my pups, who think my new Moroccan souk rug is one giant dog bed. Happy dogs, happy life. Or something.

I think they should hire her to do all their modeling, don’t you?

That’s it for me! Have a fabulous weekend and a happy Fourth, everyone…I’ll see you back here in a week!

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