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instant update: the easiest denim DIY ever

frayed denim jacket

| Buy it at Mango, or handle this easy denim DIY with a pair of shears and a deft hand |

I don’t know about you, but this little number has me dying to take a pair of scissors to my favorite denim jacket.

In fact, the internet seems hellbent on my taking shears to just about all of the denim in my closet. I could unpick the hems of some tired old straight-leg jeans…


Or just lop the bottoms off a pair of washed-up skinnies…


What I particularly love about this of-the-moment trend is that it’s virtually consequence-free. Hate it? You were probably ready to part with those jeans anyway, or you wouldn’t have been willing to chop them up in the first place. So either it’s a genius reinvention or a cosmic justification for a quick closet purge.

So, what do you think? Ready to bust out the sewing scissors this summer?

 |  All images via my Pinterest page…but yes, I’m still pissed at them. |


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the only three jeans you need this summer

Friends, I don’t know about you, but for my money, dark denim and hot summer nights just don’t seem to mix. Also, I’m getting increasingly weary (and wary) of my skinny jeans (which may or may not have something to do with a seasonal diet that consists largely of ice cream). best summer denim

Whatever the reason, when the weather turns warm, I want denim in lighter washes and looser fits – just the thing for those weekends at the beach, long scenic bike rides…oh, who am I kidding? Afternoons reading magazines on my deck. Read on

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your perfect jeans

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When it comes to denim, I may not have as many pairs as this lady, but I’ve done all right for myself. And though I can’t seem to stop racking up new finds, I’ll always have a few die-hard, impossible-to-part-with favorites in the mix. The J.Crew Matchsticks from a zillion years ago (before they messed up the fit), now so perfectly stretched out and worn in that they’re really more boyfriend jeans than anything, but still utterly perfect. The MiH Ellsworths that are exactly the right shade of faded blue. And the Paige Hidden Hills that magically make me look 10 pounds slimmer, even on fat days.

But my all-time favorite, I’ll-cry-when-they-finally-give-up, perfect jeans are my Joe’s Socialites (a now-extinct style, I’m sad to say). They’re made of the softest, thinnest denim, and every time I put them on, my whole body just lets out a big sigh of relief. They’re that comfortable.

What about you, friends? What’s your perfect pair?

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the best summer denim (for grown-ups)

Now that it’s June, I think it’s finally safe to talk summer style, don’t you? I get all weird and conservative in the summer – I just can’t abide all the spaghetti straps, micro-shorts and midriff-bearing tendencies that warm weather seems to elicit. I’m an adult, damn it, and it’s time to start covering up. So, for me, I’ll ignore the climbing mercury and stick with my usual uniform of denim, (short) sleeves and (very light) jackets…okay, and the occasional dress.

But I’m not a total stick in the mud – I’m definitely in favor of a change in fabrics, textures and colors this time of year. Because really, even though I don’t necessarily want to wear shorts and minis all season, I think dark-wash denim is equally absurd in mid-July. So, what’s a stylish girl to do but add a few completely necessary summer denim staples to her arsenal?  Read on

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test case: the best black leggings

That’s right – no clever title, no beating about the bush. This post is a mission. It’s also ungodly long, so settle in.

For all of the shopping I do (and believe me, it’s a lot), I’ve never been able to find truly perfect basic black leggings. I’ve tried just about everything, but nothing hit the mark. Either it was a ponté knit that pilled after a few wears, or a matte knit fabric that quickly looked worn and gross, or a fabric that looked too shiny and athletic, or it was too thin and showed more than it should. I’m pretty sure this makes me the Goldilocks of black leggings, but that’s okay.

All of this is compounded by the fact that…well, I don’t really believe in leggings. That is – let me say this loudly, and with gusto – leggings are not pants. No matter how many celebrities or 19-year-olds we see doing it, I have a real problem with any sartorial use of leggings in which my ass is that plainly visible to anyone. Sorry, but I need layers – or at least pockets, for the love of god – to cover that sh!t up.

But of course, the tunic-and-leggings pairing went out with the ’90s. So, what’s a girl to do when she wants to wear her PJs out into the world without being judged?

Read on

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currently coveting: MiH jeans

I have what friends might lovingly call a denim problem. Because I work from home, and because I live in a pretty casual part of the world (hello, fleece lovers!), I spend an exorbitant amount of time in jeans. To the point that I’ve had to have the seats in my car replaced because they’re covered in denim dye. Truly, I’ve tried to stop. But what are my alternatives? Cords? No. They make strange sounds when you walk, and leave woefully unflattering color changes when you sit. Khakis? Absolutely not. Have you ever looked at your backside in a pair of khakis?

So, what’s a girl to do?

As it turns out, the solution lies with those impossibly stylish folks at MiH Jeans. They singlehandedly resurrected the trouser/flare jean a few years back (for which I’m still thanking them), and now they’ve just launched their latest and greatest: a collection that translates their signature denim fits into a whole range of perfectly-fitting casual pants to get us through the winter.

The beauty of MiH, as with all denim, is the fit – and friends, the fits at MiH are absolutely dreamy, whatever your figure. They espouse a more structured style, which is very good news for your physique (though it does mean sizing up, so be prepared).

If you’re petite, you’re going to adore their Brighton, a cropped mid-rise style that should land right in that ultra-flattering base-of-the-calf/top-of-the-ankle zone and sit comfortably above your hips. I’m thoroughly in love with this grey flannel version which is, let’s face it, about as versatile as it gets.


Brighton in grey flannel, MiH, $202 / Dream colorblock sweater, J.Crew, $98 / Wayfarer in gold, Bass, $91 /
Wendy Necklace, Grayling, $120 / Mini Gabriella crossbody, Milly, $198 / Gold stud earrings, Marco Bicego, $405

And for my tall girls, have you met the MiH Marrakesh? Long, lean, and a stunner whether you have curves or not, this high-waisted flare does some gorgeous things for a figure, trust me. I’m head over heels for this one in hunter twill, which has such a fresh feel after all of those colored skinny jeans we were inundated with all summer.

Marrakesh in hunter twill, MiH, $205 / Hunter tee, Club Monaco, $90 / Gala jacket, Helmut, $460 /
Geo panel tote, Topshop, $190 / Sylvia Piping boot, Frye, $320 / Crystal bracelet, Zara, $26

(For the record, I can’t think of the last time I styled something in which I wanted every.single.piece. quite so badly. That blazer? Those boots? The leather-trim tee? Come on!)

If you love them as I do, don’t dally…shell out some support for MiH’s daring adventure into the world of casual pants, and let’s see if we can turn them into this season’s staples. Vote with your wallets, people!

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the first covet of spring

It hardly seems like it’s time…usually my first springtime covet doesn’t hit until at least mid-January, when everyone’s jamming Resort down my throat, and I remember I have no plans to be somewhere sunny during the depths of winter, and am bitter maybe a tiny bit jealous of all the women in the world buying hideously expensive swimsuits and matching sarongs for their month-long holiday in St. Barts.

Who, me? Digress? Hardly.

In any case, MiH just launched an exclusive resort capsule collection for Shopbop, and it’s awesome. Particularly these embroidered cutoffs. Ordinarily, I scoff at the $175 (okay, $187) cutoff short, but these are fantastic, utterly original, and – unlike more traditional varieties – definitely not something I could DIY with a $5 Goodwill budget and a few quality minutes with a pair of scissors.

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friday finds: a hint of spring

happy friday, everyone!  i don’t know how things are looking where you are, but it’s been a whirlwind week of weather here in portland.  we went from blizzards yesterday to clear blue (and sunny!) skies this morning.  and so, i’m holding on to the hope that winter was just getting one last blast out of its cranky system, and praying for warmer days ahead.

speaking of spring, we can finally start looking forward to a higher waist, and a wider leg on our denim this spring.  can i get an amen?!  this pair of jeans popped up in my shop it to me alert (if you’re not trying it, you really should) this morning, and they’re definitely worth pointing out.  now, i don’t pick favorites when it comes to my denim…it would be like choosing a favorite child shoe.  but i can say with confidence that these paige hidden hills in twilight are the most comfortable jeans i own.  that’s not true of all of the hidden hills jeans (i have a few) – just this particular wash.  it’s due entirely to the fabric blend, which contains almost 20% spandex.  in other words, they’re essentially yoga pants you get to wear out on the town.  and now they’re on sale at piperlime for $119.  i’m seriously considering a back-up pair.

i’m still not totally on board with madewell…i’m annoyed that a brand that’s supposed to be a younger, cheaper version of j.crew is every bit as pricey, and i’ve had mixed luck with their pieces thus far.  but i am swooning so severely over their fernwood dress, i’m either going to lose consciousness or gain credit card debt.  one look at it, and i can hardly wait for spring.

as a rule, i tend to be skeptical of most clothing/accessories you can buy at macy’s (oh, the snobbery!).  but i spotted this rachel roy necklace in my worldwide wandering this week, and i’m a fan.  it’s a nice middle ground between last season’s gargantuan statement necklaces and the itty bitty pendants you’ll be seeing everywhere for spring, which makes it the perfect piece to buck the trend without going overboard.

and, speaking of jewelry, i can’t head off for the weekend without showing you christine mighion’s new weekend collection.  i love all of her designs, so it’s no surprise that i love this collection too.  it feels so casual, comfortable and clean – just like a perfect weekend.  and there are styles under $100, which is seriously remarkable from a fine jewelry designer.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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