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friday finds

i’m really starting to look forward to these friday finds lists, if only because it gives me a chance to get out all of the random “hey, that’s cool” thoughts i have during the week.  i hope you’re liking them too!

i keep meaning to tell you all about my new facial serum of choice.  it’s clinique’s repairwear laser focus, and i admit, my love for it sort of snuck up on me.  when you test products day in and day out, you get lazy, and start to expect resusts fast, or you move on.  fortunately, i didn’t have any other serums around, so i kept using the clinique version.  and after a month, i started to notice that some of those nagging lines from constantly sleeping on my side were starting to vanish.  plus, it’s only $44.50, a nice change from some of my $100+ serum obsessions.  well done, clinique!

i’m feeling pretty smitten with kirakira, a new line of jewelry i came across this week.  the designs are so diverse, the shop feels like you’ve stumbled into a vintage jewelry shop in your favorite foreign destination – yet they’re all brand spanking new.  prices run the gamut, but those silver marrakesh earrings are $125…definitely attainable luxe.

as usual, best to follow a splurge with a steal.  on one of my target wanders the other day, i came upon the william rast collaboration.  the denim actually looked promising, so i gave it a try.  and lo, it was highly impressive, readers.  i was more impressed with the boot cut than the straight, but that’s okay, since straight is on its way out anyway.  for $50, these jeans had great fit, the right amount of stretch, and enough quality that i think you’d get well over your $50 worth of wear from them.  you could even try holding out until they go on sale…not a bad gamble, i think.

and last but not least, this wallet caught my eye a while back, and i keep forgetting to show it to you!  i’m a sucker for a bright wallet, i’ll admit, and this striking blue/green hue is no exception.  the leaves might be a little much for me, but i haven’t totally decided yet (and they could always be removed, i’m thinking).  plus, it’s called the “fiscal ficus“, and i do so love some nice alliterative word play.  it’s $98, which isn’t out of the realm for a well-made wallet (which this is).  and, bonus, some kind anthro shopper has bothered to take photos of the interior and post them in the reviews section…so, kudos to her.

have a great weekend, everyone!

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