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get gifting: the globetrotter

For the girl who’s racked up enough frequent flier miles to take a trip around the world (if only she could find time between layovers), this list is packed with presents guaranteed to make it into her coveted carry-on space.

But why stop there? So many of these travel-friendly finds would be genius picks for a friend who’s always on the go, even if her travel is mostly of the afternoon-commute variety.  Or for the girl who doesn’t often travel far from home, but is forever daydreaming about her next exotic vacation.  In other words, whether it’s wanderlust or wander-must, there’s something here that’s perfect for any traveler on your list.


blow to go          Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.35.24 AM

scarfPicture 23

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 11.21.10 AMPicture 24

gorjana wallet1gorjana2

left to right, from top: baggu zip travel bags, $8-12 for sets; pacifica roll-on perfumes, $12; blow to go hair travel kit, $28; Cashmere tunic, $139; lily & lionel london cityscape scarf in sepia, $272; lesportsac large zip travel wallet, $48; tieks foldable flats, $175; ghd dazzle styler travel set, $240; gorjana thomspson jewelry case, (sold out; similar here, $29).

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lazy green for earth day

(photo by blissful images – the perfect earth day purchase, don’t you think?)

i think most people that know me would agree i’m not the most green person you’ll ever meet.  i refuse to cancel my catalog subscriptions, i can’t be bothered to sort my glass from my plastics, and it’s maybe one time out of ten that i remember to bring those reuseable bags into the market.

but i’m never one to ignore a holiday, especially when there are deals to be had!  so, here are a few of my favorite ways for you to go green with minimal effort this earth day:

terra collection:  our much-loved sponsor’s decadent organic cotton tees are 50% off for the rest of the week, in celebration of earth day.  use code “earthlove” at checkout, and stock up!  every one is beautifully embroidered, pro-planet, and each purchase means a 15% discount to an earth-loving charity.  

suki hair:  i was browsing the aisles of my neighborhood whole foods the other day and saw that my favorite green beauty line, suki, has released a shampoo and conditioner!  naturally, i had to try them immediately.  if you’re not afraid of low-lather shampoo (it’s never bothered me…), this stuff is fantastic!  it smells as wonderful as their lemongrass cleanser that i can’t get enough of, it left my hair so much more moisturized than it normally is, and just generally is making me happy.  plus, it’s vegan – so my northwest cred is intact.

rume bags:  i get a reuseable tote maybe once a week these days…it seems almost impossible to avoid.  but the ones that actually make it into the store are my rume bags, every time.  and when they do, customers and baggers alike compliment them.  they’re huge, have a flat bottom, hold an unbelievable amount of stuff, and are actually pretty cute for grocery bags.  plus, i do love the velcro fold-up thing…very handy.  get 20% off sitewide today with code EARTH.

so, happy earth day, readers – how will you be celebrating?  i hope you’ll recycle a glass bottle for me!

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hardware review: barbar bt professional dryer

i admit…i was oh-so-skeptical about this one.  no matter how many people swore to me that tourmaline dryers were working wonders on their hair, i was convinced it was all smoke and mirrors.  not only that, but i have a pretty serious mental block about spending a lot on hair hardware.  when you can buy a hairdryer for $19.99 at target, why would i spend $160?

but, i’m always game to give something a fair shot, and i love my barbar flat iron so much that i was more than happy to give their dryer a try.  and can i just say, thank god i was?   because seriously, that $160 dryer i tried (the barbar bt professional) is going to save me at least 3 times that amount, by the time i add up all of the super conditioners, serums, oils, and other potions i was using to keep my hair from looking like a pile of straw. 

i can’t think of a single product i’ve ever used that has made such an immediate difference.  literally, the first time i used the barbar dryer, my hair went from soaked to styled in about 7 minutes.  when i was done, i was prancing around my living room, asking my hubs to feel my hair every 30 seconds.  all of a sudden, for the first time in a year, it wasn’t dry and dull!  it was shiny, and bouncy…it was like a freaking pantene commercial.  turns out, i didn’t need all of those super conditioners after all…i just needed to stop frying my hair every morning.

if you’re looking for the technical explanation, it’s something about the tourmaline emitting negative ions and infrared heat to protect your hair from the full force of hairdryer heat that it normally endures on a daily basis.  but to be honest, the science escapes me.  all i know is that it works, beautifully.  and, because it’s professional-grade, i don’t even worry about it burning out in six months (and it comes with a fantastic product warranty to back that up).

if your hair is misbehaving and acting out, i just can’t recommend the barbar dryer enough.  it just might change your life…or at least your hair.

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the annual “best of” list

every year when i get out my (completely lovely) new calendar, i love to think back through my year of retail and consider what really ended up being the best and worst purchases of the year.  the worst are harder to remember…they tend to fade into the recesses of my mind.  but the best are always there, right up front and easy to spot.  so, here’s my list of the best fashion & beauty investments i made in 2008.

loeffler randall matilde boots:  finally having these beauties in my clutches has changed my winter wear life forever.  i used to loathe the turn of seasons, because i’d be forced to either freeze in flats or resort to less dignified footwear.  but with these beautiful boots in my closet, i don’t mind a bit that the weather’s turned cold.  i scored them in this gorgeous olive color, but my first love was this amazing elephant shade (now on sale for under $500, by the way!).  both are perfect with just about anything, and so much more interesting than brown or black.

epice scarf:  i bought this as a christmas gift to myself from my dear mom back in october, and can’t tell you the degree of self-control it took to keep it in the box until the holiday arrived.  these scarves are actual works of art – i love everything about them, and am merely counting the days until i score a second.

gorjana sand coin necklace:  this necklace has hardly left my neck since it arrived – i love it so.  i wear it doubled, or layered long with a shorter necklace…the options are endless and the compliments are boundless.

benefit creaseless cream shadows:  i was always so skeptical of cream shadows, but really and truly, i haven’t touched a powder shadow since these arrived.  every color is gorgeous (though birthday suit is my personal fave), they apply flawlessly, provide a very adult degree of shimmer, and wear all day with ease.  definitely a star purchase at under $20.

barex intensive care hair mask:  i haven’t had a chance to tell you much about this italian hair care line, though i am fast learning to adore it and its 3-ounce bottles for travel.  but it’s the intensive care mask that has saved my life this year.  when i first moved to the rainy northwest, my hair objected staunchly…and voiced its objection with frizz, dryness, and countless other complaints.  this mask has soothed my hair’s temper considerably, and i am pleased to announce that my locks no longer frighten small children when i pass by.

clarins brightening day lotion:  this line has probably changed my skin more than any other this year, and i swear by it to all who will listen.  my skin borders on impossible – dry, unbelievably sensitive, and prone to hive and rash outbreaks with any change in routine.  but this brightening lotion keeps it happy and healthy, and even makes makeup-free days a possibility.  my only sorrow is that my supply has nearly run out – but this is one i’ll definitely be restocking.

so, what about you?  what were your best purchases in ’08??

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what i want today: travel beauty

after talking about travel chic, i got to thinking about travel beauty.  airplane cabins are gross, germy places that also dry out your skin.  the number one thing you can do to stay beautiful is to keep hydrated. 

the day before you leave, drink lots of water – i absolutely love this new water from aquadeco.  i am freakishly picky about bottled water, and this one is my new favorite.  plus, the bottle is gorgeous – i’ve actually been using one as a bud vase at work!

another pre-travel beauty must is to keep away from salty foods and alcohol.  while it’s tempting to have that in-flight bloody mary, drinking water or tea will keep you looking fresh.  bring your own tea bags, too – mighty leaf tea is my favorite, i love the silk bags.  also, evian makes these adorable travel sized hydrating sprays, that will keep your makeup looking dewey and fresh – no one wants that cakey make-up face (just watch out for the people behind you when you spray!).

turn the cabin into your own mini spa by carrying luscious travel-sized hand creams. duwop’s hands 2 hair works as a styling creme for your locks as well as a hand cream, which is perfect for me because i get some serious fly-away hair while in flight! 

i like to keep my makeup to a minimum when i travel.  stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer gives sheer coverage and a subtle shimmer to keep you looking fabulous, just in case you have a gorgeous seat mate!  for your lips, try to refrain from the usual lipstick, which can dry your lips out.  instead, try c.o. bigelow’s mentha lip tint in pink – it’s moisturizing and has a great minty sensation (also great for your breath!).  with a bare face, you can always duck into the ladies’ room when you land to freshen up – carry trish mcevoy’s ‘be prepared’ kit for sizes that will make it through security. 

finally the best beauty advice for any girl on the go:   relax, enjoy your trip and smile! 

what are your best travel beauty tips? 

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what i want today: ecru hair goods

i have to admit to something here: i’ve never once been actually impressed by the results i’ve gotten from a hair product. sure, there have been those i’ve liked more than others, and some i’ve been pleased with. but i’ve never really tried something, finished blowdrying, looked in the mirror and said “wow! that blankety-blank i just used is pretty freaking amazing!”

so, i was a little more than shocked when i looked in the mirror after trying ecru new york’s hair products for the first time, and actually did say those words. the volumizing silk mist? i got actual, noticeable volume. the luxe treatment shampoo? lathers like crazy, rinses clean, and smells so good i’ve been forced to share it with my hubs. and the silk texturizing balm has replaced every other finishing product in my bathroom.

prices range from $18-32, but a little goes a long way with all of this stuff. unless, of course, you’re forced to share.

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what i want today: beauty bargains

this is part two of our quest to find you fabulous products at fabulous prices (if you missed the fashion edition of frugal finds, check it out here). we upped the ante a bit on this one: we didn’t consider any products over $25, and we really worked to find products that really were a cut above your average drugstore find (while a few drugstore products did make it onto the list, they all impressed us just as much as their high-priced counterparts). here’s what made the cut:

(head on over to TDO to read the second “frugal finds” installment!)

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