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august essentials

It’s August! The official month of vacations and sunbathing…or, more realistically, grinding your teeth at work while you pretend to be productive. In celebration, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite time-wasting goodies guaranteed to get your summer mojo flowin’. Just add sunscreen! Read on

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on my radar: cuyana

Lately, I’ve been really feeling the weight of having “too much” in my life. (Yes, I realize this is one of those “first world” problems. Bear with me.) Despite the fact that my closet is bursting at the seams, I never like my options when I get dressed in the morning these days, and despite the fact that my bank account demands a respite, I can’t pry my eyes from the daily deluge of sample sales and Shopbop markdowns, of always looking for something new to add to my already-overflowing closet, of never being quite perfectly happy with what I already have.

Don’t worry, I’m not going all cold-turkey bonkers on you. But I do think there’s some value in maybe culling the noise a bit. Some value in not worrying so much about the “next big thing”, and just buying what feels exactly right, what you genuinely love and can’t wait to wear, not just own. And so, I’ve started making a real effort, friends, to look for…well, if not “perfection”, then at least simplicity, timelessness and either elegance or utility in what I buy.  Read on

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eye candy: alexander wang handbags

Am I the only fashion blogger in the world who’s never written about Alexander Wang’s handbags? Possibly. But the truth is, I was never really on the Rocco bandwagon. It looked heavy, predictable, and was a little too “It Bag” for me, from the moment I first saw Mary-Kate (or was it Ashley? Does it even matter?) schlepping one through the West Village. And then there was that tote with the metal corners, which was fine, but decidedly not interesting enough to earn its $800 pricetag, in my mind.

But this season, something’s changed. The styles are more polished, more streamlined, and just…better. At least to me. So, just in time for Mr. Wang to depart for greener pastures, I think I’ve finally found a few worth coveting. What about you?

Pelican Sling in tang, $925, / Marion, $650 / Tri-fold in silver, $850, or embossed mahogany, $975
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double-take: clare vivier leopard wallet

Yeah, I’m thinking I need this Clare Vivier wallet. Immediately, if possible. Could someone at Steven Alan hop on their impossibly cool bicycle and messenger it right over? (Hoo boy, can you imagine if this were possible? Instant gratification: it’s what’s for dinner.)

Clare Vivier half-zip wallet in leopard, exclusive to Steven Alan, $185

I know I should have moved on to lizard or stingray or something, but this leopard obsession of mine doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Thank goodness I know it’s best indulged in (very) small doses.

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am i blue?

Most of you probably don’t know this, but one of the reasons I started SMC back in my wee baby blogging days was that I’m a chronic overshopper. Give me a task, a specific piece to search for, and I’m like an obsessive-compulsive dog with a bone – I simply cannot stop until I’ve unearthed every possible option, in every possible shape and at every possible price. With a blog as an outlet, that pesky little personality flaw just turns into “content research.” This is why we all need jobs doing what we love.

Case in point: now that blue is the bag color this season, I’m finally ready to take the plunge. Mind you, I’m no fair weather convert to cobalt. I’ve been eyeing those baby blues for at least three years now. But this year, I think I’ve finally got it. My elusive white whale (well, it’s a blue whale I suppose, really) is right here:

Read on

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second look: banana republic

I think we all shop at certain stores during certain life phases. Forever 21 or Express when you’re still buying into every trend that passes by. The Limited when you grow out of those a bit. Banana Republic when you get your first “real job.”

So, when I stopped going to an office every day, I kind of forgot about Banana Republic. I didn’t have a bad experience, or think they were awful, I just…forgot. Now that I was no longer absolutely desperate for an army of dress trousers and shells to wear underneath suits – and, if I’m honest, now that I know how to step up my game a little in the world of professional attire – the Banana dropped off my radar.

But last week, I went poking around hunting for something for a friend, and came across more than a few pieces that made me think “Hey, I totally need that!”. Closely followed by “Wait. That’s only how much??”. Clearly, BR deserves a second look.

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