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pretty in pink

i swear, the color theme this week was totally unintentional.  but i couldn’t let october go by without showing you a few things i’m loving in support of breast cancer awareness (BCA) month.

as you probably know, each october, virtually every designer and beauty line under the sun releases a limited-edition pink item in support of breast cancer.  breast cancer blenders, breast cancer flat irons, even breast cancer soap…the options are endless.  in each case, anywhere from a nickel to 100% of the proceeds go to fund research for a cure.  always one to shop for a cause, i thought i’d show you a few of my favorites.  fair warning: i do tend to lean toward the products that donate most or all proceeds to charity – giving $5 from a $200 item doesn’t do much for me.  after all, if you’re shopping for warm fuzzies, you might as well go all out!

Picture 5

i loved this necklace before i even knew it was for BCA.  gorgeous gunmetal chain, and i am crazy for that rose gold feather – so unique, perfect for everyday wear, and really reasonable at $75.  it was designed by elizabeth and james, and is available exclusively at shopbop.

every year, OPI releases a special shade of pink for BCA, and this year’s “pink of hearts” is a personal favorite of mine.  it works as a one-coat sheer (though it’s a little brighter than my usual ‘samoan sand’), but is also great full-strength.  it’s a sweet, preppy pink that goes with anything.  and it’s only $6 at amazon!

these flamingo notecards from linda & harriett are so cute, i had to share.  they just make me think of happier, tropical places – i’d love to send them out to friends right about now, when we’re struggling to remember those warm summer days.  you get 6 cards for $14, and 20% of proceeds go to a cancer center in new york.

this one’s pretty cute:  bambako is a headband designer, and has come up with seven different designs for BCA – each named for a breast cancer survivor the designer knows.  plus, a whopping 100% of proceeds go to the susan g. komen foundation!  personally, i’m partial to the feathered ‘rue’ band, but i could definitely see the ‘gloria’ and ‘rhoda’ being darling for holiday fetes.

Picture 6

and last but not least, i can’t resist a cute pair of PJ’s, especially when i know it’s for a good cause.  i love the bright pink and yellow flowers on this set by sleepyheads (on sale for $36), but they have a whole “shop for the cure” section of their site.  any item you find there will get you a 10% donation to  sweet dreams indeed!

if you have the cash, this is a great month – and a great excuse – to spend.  besides, who doesn’t need a little pink in their life? if you’ve come across any great BCA products, drop a comment and let us all know…the more ways to spend, the better for everyone!

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jade with envy

i’ve always loved jade, and have secretly wished it would reappear in fashion.  while you can find jade in virtually every color under the sun, i’m especially partial to the classic milky green hue.  it’s so striking, beautiful and unexpected.  at long last, it’s back in a big way, and i can hardly wait to take full advantage!

it all started with chanel’s new jade nail colors for spring, which were all the rage during fashion week…

…which i was reminded of today when i spotted these amazing stephen webster jade earrings in an “what would she wear” post over at whowhatwear this morning.  at $510, they’re not coming home with me any time soon, but i love the classic jade juxtaposed with that gorgeous deco-meets-punk setting.

Picture 1

turned out, i also loved WWW’s budget pick from janna conner (in fact, i have the identical earrings in rose quartz, but now i’m wishing i could trade!):

and now i’m just hunting down all things jade…like this scarf (marked down to $49 at virginia johnson)….

…and these beautiful personalized jade note cards from iomoi

Picture 4

…it’s a slippery slope, you see.  but i’m definitely looking forward to adding a little more jade to my life.  how about you?

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more good-doing at linda & harriett

one more do-gooder…given my current state of mind, i just can’t resist this one. the owners of linda & harriett, which designs some of my absolute favorite cards, is having the most wonderful event today!  it’s “just because day,” in honor of designer liz’s mom, linda, who was apparently always very courteous and sweet, just because. how fabulous is that?!

to celebrate, just email [email protected] … uh, quickly (the offer expires basically right now (9 am pst), but i’m going to email their press rep and ask for a few minutes of an extension for y’all), and include your full name and mailing address. they’ll send you a blank card, absolutely free, for you to address and mail to whoever you like.  how sweet is that?!

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gaga over gadabout

sometimes i really lament the fact that we’re all so set in our new high-tech ways.  i spotted these beautiful customized cards by gadabout at style court, and ever since, i’ve been dying to go back to my more thoughtful roots, in which i actually sent the occasional card to a friend, through the mail.

each design can be customized with your name or initials, sometimes in the most unusual ways (i love the couch, with your initials printed on the throw pillow!).  and the prices are fantastic – $40 for a set of 25 cards and envelopes.

it’s no surprise that the designer, hanna brooks nation, hails from the heart of the deep south…i can just imagine sending one of these sophisticated notes to a friend to invite her over for afternoon tea.  you know, in a world in which things like that really happened.  they’d also make fantastic thank-you notes, and a perfect gift for a stylish friend’s birthday.

i think we should all start a movement to resurrect handwritten cards…don’t you?

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random friday finds: the journal

ugh, remember when your english teacher used “journaling” as a verb?  used to drive me absolutely crazy!  that said, i seem to be on a  journal kick of late…i just keep seeing examples that make me wish i were one of those people that carries a notebook everywhere i go.  i mean, as a writer, isn’t that de rigeur?  in the hopes that some of this intent will morph into action, i thought i’d share a few styles that i can’t resist.

first up is the keel’s simple diary, which literally just debuted over at taschen, one of my favorive publishers.  i’ve only had it for a couple of days, but i’m already smitten.  i love the bright colors, the totally portable size, the back pocket for stashing…whatever.  but mostly i love that it’s already filled out for you!  this is truly a diary for those who think they have nothing interesting to say – you’re virtually guaranteed to sound utterly witty and brilliant.  each page contains a few random questions – multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank…i even spotted a graph.  you pick a page – go in order or don’t, there’s no judge here – answer the questions, ponder the extremely random quote on your page, and move on with your life.  i love this because i know once i get started, i won’t be able to resist it on a daily basis.  check out a few sample pages here, and grab it in any lovely color (each one means something about your personality, so choose wisely!).  this is most definitely going to be my go-to gift this year…stylish, clever, and only $15!



of course, there’s also the classic moleskine.  if it was beloved by hemingway and matisse, who am i to argue?  i yearn to be one of those people furtively sketching away in my moleskine at the hippest coffee shop in town.  sadly, mine tend to mostly end up filled with names of websites i mean to visit, or brands i happen across while shopping.  but i’m thinking if i had one of these amazing engraved leather covers from engrave your book‘s new artist series for my moleskine, it would encourage all sorts of creativity.  each one’s designed by a well-known graphic artist, then laser-engraved onto untreated calfskin.  they’re a little pricier at $60, but you can refill them with a standard moleskine forever, and that lovely leather will turn the most beautiful shade of honey brown (or be covered with coffee stains…but doesn’t that just make you a true artist?).


all that said, something tells me these to-the-point little notebooks from orange beautiful are still the most appropriate for my typical state of mind.  don’t we all need to be reminded to stop whining every now and then?

so, what do you think of these sweet new journaling options? are you a journaler by nature, or are you inspired to give it a go?

happy friday, everyone!

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home again!

hi, readers!!  i’m back from the tropics, and missed you all terribly…i saw so many things i wanted to blog, but alas, the pina colada in my hand was weighing me down.  i had some very grand plans for my first day back…but well, i’m exhausted, and it’s just not happening.  so, i’ll leave you with a few random tidbits, and we’ll start the awesomeness tomorrow.

1. clarins UV plus sunscreen SPF 40 is a miracle potion.  my freakishly sensitive, freckle- and sunburn-prone skin has nary a blemish after a week in the hawaii sun and surf.  tomorrow, i have a fantastic Q&A with their head skincare expert to share with you…so look forward to that!

2. i’m on a huge exotic floral print kick now (big shock), and these beautiful notebooks from cartolina cards are hitting me in just the right spot.  at $4 each, they’re cuter than most of what i saw in hawaii…i’m considering buying a stack and passing them off as souvenirs!

3. it was snowing when i arrived home…welcome back.  but i refuse to be defeated – inhabit is sample sale-ing my favorite, light-as-a-feather stretch cashmere cardigan and v-neck (as well as some other pieces) for $80 each this week…that’s down from more than $300.  i’m stocking up on as many colors as i can afford.  ready, set, shop!

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what i’m giving today: linda & harriett gift pack (complete with discount)

i have been agonizing over which linda & harriett goodies to feature for holiday this year – everything is just so lovely!  fortunately, they’ve saved me the trouble and created a completely customizable gift pack, so my worries are over.

each set contains one of their stunning letterpress calendars (seriously, you have to see these to believe it…SO beautiful), a 100-page printed notepad (my pick is the cheeky little moose, but the zigzag is a more refined choice), a pack of notecards (the hedgehog and the birch trees are my favorites), all wrapped up in kraft paper and sealed with an adorable die-cut tag shaped like a pig (or a butterfly, but really…pig all the way) to which they’ll add your handwritten message.

i love that you can choose which notepad, cards, and tag go on each set, so that you really can make a set fit your recipient’s personal style.  but even better, linda & harriett is kindly offering 20% off their entire site through the holidays with code FRIENDS, bringing the cost down to about $43.  

this is a perfect gift for a boss, anyone that’s a born hostess or just a lover of fancy paper goods.  to be honest, it’s a great stand-by gift as well…i can’t think of a woman i know that wouldn’t be thrilled by this!

check out all of the goodies at linda & harriett’s site.  if nothing else, make sure you pick up that letterpress calendar for yourself.  it will make the next year so much easier to look forward to.

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what i want today: chic holiday cards

every year, i swear i’m going to send out holiday cards.  and every year, i flake.  but so help me, the options are so freaking cute this year, i’ll at least get as far as buying the cards!  but instead of buying a stack of identical cards to send, i think i’ll pick up a few different sets so that i can mix it up a bit!  and well, it’s also a great excuse to buy each and every one of these cards i’m loving this year.

some of my faves:

linda & harriett has so many gorgeous options, i can’t even begin to show you all of them (but throughout this month, i’ll be giving it my best shot!).  but my hands-down favorite are the kissing pigs.  seriously, what says “merry christmas” better than a pair of kissing pigs?  not much, i think.

jenn ski has to be one of my favorite graphic artists.  modern graphics can be a little severe for me, but i just love her casual take on modern styles.  this penguin card ($7 for 4) has stolen my heart – honestly, how cute are they?!  added bonus:  it’s a great card for those of you who get nervous about being politically correct this time of year.

and just about everything at luxe paperie is making me smile right now…but as for favorites, it’s a toss-up between the gang of gnomes, the gorgeous gumdrops and those cozy cups of hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course) – they’re all so fun and festive, i just can’t choose.

don’t these cuties just make you want to get your act together and send out a slew of holiday cheer?

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