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a retail kind of weekend

a few little pretties that followed me home this weekend…

i finally picked a new epice scarf to add to my fall wardrobe.  yes, an investment, to be sure, but i wear these daily when the weather’s cold, and get more compliments on them than maybe anything else i own.  this one (it’s hard to tell in the photo) is a beautiful geometric swirl pattern of black, eggplant and olive green…totally unexpected and totally gorgeous.  covet, my favorite portland boutique, has finally gone online, and they have exactly one of these beauties left.

my old LAmade grey and white striped cardigan has finally breathed its last breath, i’m afraid, and it needed to be retired in style.  i’ve put in an order for this version from madewell…i’m hoping desperately that it’s the first thing i order from them which won’t underwhelm me.  it has sold out online, but i got them to locate one and ship it to me (bonus: free shipping on store-located items!).

i tried my very best to make this a happy threesome by adding a set of wind chimes from pigeon toe ceramics when i headed over to their open studio on friday, but alas, there were none to be had.  they very sweetly offered to special order them, but i was in an instant gratification state of mind.  i do, however, have to confess that this miniature sugar and creamer set is maybe the cutest thing i’ve ever laid eyes on.

i also managed to finally polish off a couple of books that have been lurking on my “nearly done” reading pile…but more on those later.

how did you spend your weekend?

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a leap of faith: happy four years!

wow. honestly, i haven’t quite known what to do about shoppingsmycardio hitting the big oh-four.  i mean, how do you celebrate a virtual milestone?  but it’s true…well, technically, i started blogging on 06.06.06 (which is weird on so many levels), but celebrating on sunday would have been no fun, as most of you are weekday readers.

four years ago, my darling hubs told me (ever so sweetly) to stop prattling on and on to him about all of the things i bought, planned to buy, couldn’t believe i wasn’t buying when it was such a steal, and knew i could never afford but coveted from afar.  he suggested instead that i share my retail obsession with a wider (and more interested) audience.  and i listened.

to celebrate, i thought about organizing a big massive giveaway.  but then it turned out i had to move, which translated into every ounce of my energy being consumed by that.  i’m still planning a truly fabulous giveaway later this summer, though – you dear readers definitely deserve a birthday gift!

other than “holy hell, that’s a lot of retail therapy,” i honestly don’t know what to say, other than this:  thank you! yes, you.  a great big, bear hug thank you to you from the bottom of my shopaholic heart.  for reading, for sticking around, for telling your friends, for commenting to let me know you’re out there, and for letting me shop with you most every day.  it’s been a sweet four years, and i can’t wait to see what happens next!


(ps…i searched for an hour to find the perfect photo for this post, but it was all worth it when this beautiful shot from claire bears on flickr popped up.  you should totally check out her entire flickr stream, as it’s utterly beautiful.)

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a banner week, and it’s only wednesday

it’s getting to be a pretty epic week here in stumptown…all of my favorite things in life are magically converging, to the point that i finally had to share.

first, i finally (FINALLY!) have internet and cable again, after a considerably long time in the dark after our move.  i’ve never really considered myself to be a person that thrives on the .www or on television…but it turns out, i was wrong.  in fact, we even got hbo…and as i was scrolling through my newfound options, my head nearly exploded.  the technology, she is good.

earlier this week, i got to check out sex and the city 2 with my friend, the fabulously talented westmama.  while we were both sorely disappointed in the fashion, the interior design was pretty much awesome.  and really, let’s face it, even a so-so two hours with carrie and the gang still makes for an excellent afternoon.

if you’re feeling extra loyal to the fab foursome, i have to admit that there are some fun merchandising options floating around.  how cute are those little foldable after-party flats?  and i have to admit, i’m sort of tempted to nab that stiletto pendant by dogeared…since i adore the heel but hate the discomfort, maybe this is a good way to declare my loyalty without sacrificing my toes.

then, yesterday, i visited the one-week-only pop-up shop for le train bleu, one of my favorite online window-shopping haunts.  let’s just say the “window” part of that sentence went, well, out the window when i stopped by.  an hour later, i emerged bleary-eyed but sated, with an unbelievably flattering new dress, and some fabulous new jewelry that i may not be cool enough to wear, but i plan to try anyway.

if you’re in portland or nearby, the shop’s open through sunday…there are loads of one-of-a-kinds and severely discounted goodies that are not to be missed.  and if you’re not local, well, you should still buy the dress online (looks like code hellooooosummer is still working for 40% off as of now).  it’s not much to look at on a mannequin, but on a person?  very, very good…and a total steal.  in fact, it’s only slightly less wonderful than this one i mentioned a few weeks back.  sadly, trying that one on was one of those times i wished for a slightly smaller chest. if you’re more proportionately endowed than i am, i can not overstate how awesome the eskell dress was when i tried it on.

and if all that wasn’t enough, now i’m headed out to hear my all-time most idolized person (we’re talking “what one person would you invite to your fantasy tea party” idolizing here), dr. maya angelou, speak tonight.  yeah, i really should have led with that one, as it’s definitely topping my list at present.

yep, good times in the land of eternal rain…seriously, isn’t it summer yet?

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happy mother’s day!

happy mother’s day to all of the moms out there…especially my beautiful, brilliant mom.

mom pic

i came across this old photo in a pile a few months ago – i have no idea where it came from, but i just love it.  my mom used to be a model when she was young, and her style has always been enviable – look at that awesome scarf draping!  i have a habit of going through my baby pictures and coveting my mom’s wardrobe from my early years…though it devastates me that she didn’t save it all!

hard to believe i’m lucky enough to even have half of those genes.  love you, mom!

(i’m taking monday off to hang with my mom, but i’ll see you all back here later in the week!)

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friday finds: it’s the little things

for this week’s friday finds, i thought i’d show off a few simple little things i’ve come across recently that are making my life just a bit easier, better, or even happier.  sometimes it really is the little things that make your day, and these have definitely been making mine lately!

i’m sure it’s the type A in me, but few things make me happier than pretty desk accessories. i fell for the entire oh joy! desk collection from chronicle books the moment i saw it, and have been using each and every piece since it arrived (seriously, the file folders are so pretty, i actually want to get organized!).  but i especially love the note block, which is the newest addition to the set.  i love the color palette and all of those pretty flowers, but i especially love that the holder has an itty bitty drawer in the bottom.  i find it inexplicably adorable, and i smile every time i use it.  isn’t that worth at least $14.95?

Picture 13

i’ve been hunting for an iphone cover for, well, since i first got my iphone, which was at least 18 months ago.  yes, i’m inordinately picky.  i didn’t want it to be overly bulky, but i wanted it to be protective and durable.  i didn’t want it to be too girly.  and i wanted it to have just the right texture, since i tend to fiddle with things like this quite a bit.  when i spotted the chilewich basketweave cover, it was love at first sight.  best iphone case ever, if you ask me.  i grimaced a little at the $40 pricetag, but quickly realized that if you factor it over the hours i’ve spent hunting for one, it’s a bargain.

Picture 14

i’ve gotten so tired of worrying about whether my water bottle is killing me.  first plastic was bad, then metal, then another type of plastic, next who knows what?  so when i saw these (extreeeeemely cute) glass bottles from lifefactory, they just seemed like the obvious solution.  the silicone sleeve, in addition to making them look highly chic, protects from breakage (which i inadvertently tested when it fell out of my car onto the street…utterly uneventful, thankfully), and really isn’t any heavier than a lot of reusable plastic bottles.  plus, it has a nice wide opening to fit the water & ice dispensers in my fridge.  ah, the little things. my favorite is the white, but they’re all pretty awesome.

have a great weekend, everyone!  spring is definitely worth waiting for here in portland…i hope the weather’s as sunny and lovely where you are as it has been here.

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random friday finds: over the top

i didn’t actually plan it this way, but i must be in an extreme sort of mood, because if there’s a common thread to this week’s friday finds, it’s some seriously over the top style.

for those that are a fan of todd selby’s photography and/or his blog, you’re going to be thrilled to know that his book launched this week.

the selby is in your place is packed with photos from the homes, studios and offices of some seriously cool people, including karl lagerfeld, simon doonan & jonathan adler, and erin wasson.  to be honest, selby’s style is a bit much for me sometimes…he seems to seek out the crazy, even slightly creepy, in everything he shoots (see his shoot of the explorers’ club for some seriously crazy photos of dead animals).  but he struck a nice balance with the book, adding in a few more mainstream images to make it appeal to a wider, less artsy group.  if nothing else, the new book is worth it for the shots of lagerfeld’s studio alone, which are completely fantastic.

speaking of completely fantastic, every time i think i’m finally over studs, something comes along to make me fall all over again.  and lately, whenever that “something” comes along, it’s from be & d.  like, for example, their memphis studded flat in this gorgeous citrus hue.

i love that, from the front, they’re as conservative as can be, but when you turn to walk away, that studded cuff on the back makes you an instant badass!  so perfect to add some edge to a skinny jean or legging, and i’d love to see them toughen up a pair of silk shorts when the weather gets warm.

and i know it’s a little random – i think jane and judy aldridge are rubbing off on me – but i’m finding myself jonesing for a completely over-the-top pendant necklace.  something like, say, a giant elk head.

laugh, but then think about it with a slouchy tank top (this one springs to mind), blazer, cutoff shorts and tights.  and maybe those be & d shoes.  i’m feeling it.  especially for $8, i think it’s worth a shot.

happy friday, everyone…have a great weekend!

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exactly where i’ve been, and a little design love from kelly wearstler

dear readers, i’m so sorry to have been gone all week…let’s just say the universe took a giant sledgehammer swing at my head on monday, and i’ve been curled up in the fetal position for about 4 days now.  i haven’t quite recovered, but i’m hoping (dear lord, i’m hoping!) to be back to my usual chatty self next week.  for now, i’ll wish you a wonderful weekend and leave you with some photos from my absolute favorite new design book, hue by kelly wearstler.

i didn’t think i could love kelly wearstler much more than i already do – when i’m rich and famous, i’ve always planned to have her design my dream house.  but apparently, there was more love to be had.  the only thing missing from her older work was a nice big blast of color (previously, i’d planned for jonathan adler to come along and put the finishing touches of fun on that dream house), but her latest book, hue, shows that she’s seen the light – and it’s bouncing off a bowl of skittles.  this is one serious book of eye candy – i’ve been through it a million times since it arrived.  definitely a perfect addition to your coffee table, or your amateur interior design arsenal.

(oh, and all of these lovely photos are ©2009 courtesy

divine, isn’t it?  with that, have a wonderful weekend, everyone – i’m  hoping to see you all back here next week!

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