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Gift Guide: The Tech Geek

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They know about the latest gadget before it even hits stores, are the resident IT support for friends and family, and if they can’t use a life hack to automate something, you can bet that they’re working on optimizing it. Even if you don’t understand a single word on their wishlist, here’s a list of gifts your favorite tech geek will be thrilled to unwrap. Read on

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tech savvy: lo & sons claremont camera bag

claremont camera bag, lo and sons, lo and sons camera bag, cute camera bag, leather camera bag

As you might have noticed (no pressure), I’ve been working on getting my photography skills a bit beyond the range of “out-of-focus selfie”, and somewhere closer to “barely presentable”. In that pursuit, my photographer-in-residence (aka Hubs) recently picked out a very fancy new camera for me to start practicing on. Mind you, calling this an uphill battle is a serious understatement – my patience for learning about new technology is roughly on par with my dog’s patience for learning to shake paws.

{Sidebar: It’s actually pretty hard to take photos of your camera inside your camera bag. So, these are sub-par iPhone photos. Which is sad, because my new camera actually takes pretty fantastic pictures, even with a Luddite like me behind the lens.}

But, the one thing I’m really good at? Accessorizing it! As you might expect, I immediately started my usual obsessive hunt for the perfect camera bag. Which, as it turns out, is harder than I thought. You see, this is a big-girl camera, and as I quickly learned, those twee little “camera bags” you’re seeing at department stores aren’t actually camera bags at all. Too small, no padding…it’s a trick!

Then, I happened on Lo & Sons, and I swear to you, it was like the clouds parted. Started by two sons when their mom needed a travel bag that wouldn’t injure her back, this is a brand that’s devoted to making a few things, and obsessing over them until they’re perfect. My kind of people!

Case in point: this beautiful Claremont camera bag. It’s deep enough for my big-girl camera, with room for an extra lens if I get fancy (or room for my wallet and keys if I don’t). And I could easily – easily – tote this around even the most fashionable city without shame. In fact, I’ve even been stopped a couple of times with compliments for it. By people who had no idea it was a camera bag. Read on

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august essentials

It’s August! The official month of vacations and sunbathing…or, more realistically, grinding your teeth at work while you pretend to be productive. In celebration, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite time-wasting goodies guaranteed to get your summer mojo flowin’. Just add sunscreen! Read on

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friday finds

Happy Friday, friends! I’m feeling kind of thoughtfully, intentionally slow this spring morning, so I hope you’ll forgive a little brain wandering in today’s FF.

First things first: let’s talk deals. I happen to know that Kate SpadeVince and Cole Haan are all having their Friends & Family promos this weekend, and they’re doozies. I have all the details up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds…so much easier to keep you updated on all the best steals in real time. Read on

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friday finds: spring fling

I have a bit of a love/hate with Friday Finds, which is why you haven’t seen it lately. I always want it to be packed to the gills with impossibly perfect picks, but that’s a tall order, isn’t it? But this week, so many covetable chestnuts crossed my path, I couldn’t resist the gravitational pull to show each and every one to you right.this.minute. Read on

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tech savvy: logitech ue mobile boombox

Working from home can be a solitary life, friends. Sure, I chat with you all day on Twitter, share snaps of my splurges (and my cutie dog) on Instagram and generally try to make it out for my daily cappuccino, but it gets a little quiet around Casa SMC from time to time. Plus, hey, sometimes a girl just needs to bust a little Britney Spears to get through a pile of laundry, am I right?

Alas, the highly-complicated tech setup The Hubs has installed makes it a 10-step process to tune in to my tunes (despite him repeatedly telling me how “easy” it is). So, I went in search of an option. I wanted small, easy, wireless, and – obviously – chic. Read on

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