shopbop F&F is here! (expired)

shopbop friends family shopbop F&F is here! (expired)

Friends, I won’t lie: short of Nordstrom suddenly starting a F&F promotion (from my keyboard to God’s ears…), the Shopbop Friends & Family is truly one of my favorite promos of the year. Unlike most other stores, they really limit the number of exclusions, so you can actually score some pretty serious steals. Also, it shows up just in time to be mighty handy for the early bird holiday shoppers among us (oh, how I wish I was that organized).

Take 25% off sitewide through 10.16 with code FAMILY25. I can think of all sorts of useful applications for this – to wit, a few of my favorites:

350 shopbop F&F is here! (expired)


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taking stock

burgundy bag fall 1020x1024 taking stock

So, here is an actual thing that just happened: For the last couple of weeks, I have been seeing burgundy everywhere (as is so often the case during fall). And I started thinking to myself that what I really needed this season – needed, mind you – was a burgundy bag. Something simple and classic, ideally with a crossbody strap (because I am getting increasingly lazy). Naturally, my first instinct was to immediately begin obsessively scouring the WWW for the newest object of my affection. Weeks later, while perusing the website of one of my favorite designers, I had the ultimate forehead-slapping moment. “Ooh, I like that bag!” I thought. “I wish it came in burgundy.”

Slowly, the wheels started turning. “Wait…do I…? Didn’t it…?” organize closet

Yes, friends: that bag did come in burgundy, and was presently sitting in my closet. From last fall. When I absolutely had to have a new burgundy bag. Read on

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happy F&F friday!

350 happy F&F friday!

Happy Friday, friends! If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I managed a very neat trick last week involving a mandolin and two of my fingertips. Sadly, this particular variety of carnage doesn’t make typing (let alone photo layouts) an easy business. In fact, if I’m honest, I’m writing this post using one of those fancy dictation apps for my computer. Look out, Stephen Hawking.

Despite my temporary crippling, and without jumping onto my soapbox about the modern “friends & family” (which roughly translates to “anyone with access to Google”), I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing a few pretty fantastic F&F deals happening this weekend. Read on

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a sartorial pickle (also, welcome back!)


Friends, I’m back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, whatever you’ve been up to. My break wasn’t quite as meditative and relaxing as I might have hoped, but the work I got done made me feel more productive and happy than I’ve been in ages. One sweet client is in the process of opening a brand new store, another revamped her entire online presence, and I got to roll up my sleeves and help them make those dreams a reality. Not a bad way to spend the summer, if you ask me.

I also took a little trip to Portland, which I’ll be telling you all about before long. I’ve missed the Rose City so very much, and spending a few days traipsing around old haunts was just what the doctor ordered.

Despite the fact that 80-degree temperatures just won’t quit in CA, I’m also intent on rebuilding my wardrobe for fall. But I’m in one of those phases when every single thing in my closet just bores me to tears. Do you ever have those seasons? Read on

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a french girl summer, part two (and an announcement)

how to dress like a french girl summer a french girl summer, part two (and an announcement)

All via the Pinterest/Google Images rabbit hole

Well friends, you asked and I’m (finally) delivering the summer edition of my foolproof guide for how to dress like a French girl (if you missed the original version, it’s right here)! This story’s really best told via images, so I have a slew more for you on Pinterest (along with my shopping picks to make the look come to life). But in short, here’s the secret formula:  Read on

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