get gifting: all that glitters

we’re going to kick off this year’s gift guides with a little something that’s close to my heart: jewels! ever wonder why there are so many holiday songs about “silver and gold”? it’s because every holiday’s better with a little sparkle. take these gift ideas, for instance…i know my holiday would be dramatically improved by […]

you say it’s your birthday!

happy birthday to me!  yep, it’s the best day of the year – the holiday i don’t have to share with anyone else, when everyone has to do exactly what i say, and when calories evaporate into thin air (or at least, that’s how it goes in my head).  to celebrate, i couldn’t resist sharing […]

valentines worth hearting: for her

i happen to love valentine’s day…i loved it when i was single, and i love it still. i used to get so excited about making those valentine boxes to house all of the goodies kids passed around to each other on valentine’s day, and the valentine selection process at the grocery store every year was […]

cyber monday madness

happy cyber monday, everyone!  i hope you had a fabulous holiday, and got plenty of r&r.  you’ll need it to comb through today’s list of cyber monday specials! there’s really no particular order here, sorry…this just isn’t a science.  i’m being a little bit discerning with what i share, but i’m erring on the side […]

what a stud: 12 stud earrings perfect for summer

Statement earrings have been around for so very, very long, and my ears are ready for a break. This summer, I’m feeling the urge to regress – all the way back to stud earrings. Remember those? They’re perfect for warm weather, of course: no muss, no fuss, and no aching earlobes at the end of […]